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Why I Love America

Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I like many Americans will be cooking out, enjoying friends and watching fireworks. Tonight, I wanted to say why I still believe America is the best country on earth. My grandfather was illiterate and my grandmother had an 8th grade education. They lived in the south and had 5 children. My mother was the oldest and when she graduated from high school she talked to her mother about going to college. My grandmother had the foresight to see the value of a college education in the 1940s. My mother along with her 4 siblings received college degrees when it was not the norm. Throughout my life my mother and father instilled in us the value of an education. Through education I have been able to do things that my forefathers never dreamed of doing. This is one of the reasons I love America. Here you do not have to be satisfied with your lot in life you have the capacity and the resources to change your destiny, and for me education has been the key. America is the land of opportunity.  I love this country because you can speak your mind without fear of reprisal. Our country is so diverse that you can have an Al Sharpton, Rush Limbaugh, Jesse Jackson and Ann Coulter all appear in a single day on one network. America is the land of diversity. I love America because on Sunday morning I can go to church or watch Meet the Press. I can opt for inspiration or conversation. This is a great country. I love America because every 4 years we elect a new leader, and in 2008 we elected our first black president. President Obama shied away from being branded as the black candidate, but he is, and his candidacy was a source of pride in the black community. I love America because tomorrow as I watch the fireworks I will be with my family and friends. My friends reflect America they are a rainbow of beautiful hues. America is far from perfect. There are many dark chapters in our country’s history, but the beauty of this land is when we fall we get back up and try again. So tomorrow on the 4th of July I will celebrate America’s greatness and America’s potential to be even greater. Have a great 4th!