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The government is not your daddy…you’ve got to take care of yourself

I live on the East Coast so Hurricane Irene was a reality in my life this weekend. We secured the deck furniture, captured water in the bath tub in case we needed water for flushing, bought food that could be eaten without cooking, got the candles ready, purchased batteries for flashlights and filled our gas tanks. It is a long list, but this was our responsibilty. We were fortunate we did not lose power and our clean up was minimal, but there are still a number of people in our county that are still without power. Power is something you can not restore. Somebody has to do that for you so if you lose it you are at the mercy of the power people to restore it, but today I saw a woman on the local news complaining about her lost power. I could completely symphatize with her plight, but her next statement bothered me. She complained about the food that she had lost because of the power outtage, no fault of her own, but then she screamed that she was hungry. Who’s fault is that? Who’s fault is that you don’t prepare to take care of your own needs. Who’s fault is it that you have no bottled water, crackers or applesauce? Answer: it is not the government’s…the government is not your daddy. In case of emergency remember some things you simply have to do for yourself.

Was Hurricane Irene Over-Hyped?

This is the question that Matt Lauer posed to Al Roker and Jim Cantore today. Did the region over prepare and did the media over hype. The answer is a resounding no. they defended their actions by saying they watched this hurricane for days and if it had hit with the veracity predicted it could have been catastrophic. Twenty people lost their lives in this storm and currently millions of people are still without power. New York forced many of their residents to evacuate and they did not receive the kind of damage predicted. One would think there would have been a collective sigh of relief, but no some are whining because they were inconvenienced. It seems even more ironic that we are having this discussion on the 6th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. That Hurricane will go down as a tragic comedy of errors. The national, the state and the local governments dropped the ball on that one and the loss of life was staggering. The 9th ward still looks like a ghosttown because many of the displaced never came back because they had nowhere to come back to. So today if you feel put upon because you had to leave your apartment in Lower Manhattan for the weekend please go to Google and just put in August 29, 2005. Look at the images of the day 6 years ago and you will be able to put your inconvenience in perspective.