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Sesame Street’s Hungry Muppet Lily is a Sad sign of the times

“A hungry muppet is joining the cast of Sesame Street for an upcoming special on hunger in America. Lily, a 7-year-old girl muppet, comes from a family that struggles to have enough food. In the one-hour special, “Growing Hope Against Hunger,” Lily talks to other characters about growing up in a home where there was not always enough food, and then helps Elmo and friends plan a food drive for the food bank that helped feed her family. She also visits a community garden with new pals Elmo and Rosita to see how food can be grown locally.”* Sesame Street should be commended for exploring this difficult subject, but it is heartbreaking that this is no longer an isolated scenerio. With unemployment in double digits in some communities this has become a reality for so many children. It is sad that this character ever had to be created it is just another sad sign of the times.
*ABC News