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Jamal Bryant appears on Tom Joyner Morning Show and stops defending “hoes ain’t loyal”

Jamal Bryant admits he had a rough week. He has come under fire for a sermon he gave a month ago. At the end of that sermon he quoted a Chris brown song and said “hoes ain’t loyal”. This week that statment blew up. Bryant’s first response was to tell all the “haters” to listen to the entire sermon and not simply react to a soundbite, but this soundbite was brutal. This morning Bryant appeared on the Tom Joyner show and he finally stopped digging. He admitted it was a poor choice of words, but he went on to challenge the radio community and the entire community to stop using the word. He said isn’t it ironic that the radio stations that were trashing him had songs on their playlist that use that word in their lyrics? He makes a valid point but we hold clergy up to a higher standard that we do a dj. Bryant seemingly learned something this week. he already is known as a great orator, but with that gift comes responsibility and he has to be responsible for the words that he utters to his congregation. They are not the only ones watching. he has stepped on the world stage and they are not as forgiving as the members of empowerment Temple.