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When is Rape Not Rape…When Roman Polanski Commits It

 For the past several days I have watched so many people try to define rape. On the view Whoopi Goldberg said “there is rape and then there is rape.” This morning Matt Lauer interviewed Sharon Tate’s sister who is the sister-in-law of Polanski. She said there are degrees of rape. Well I must have missed the memo on this distinction. This man had sex with a 13 year old girl. A 13 year old girl can not go on a school field trip without a permission slip from her parents. So it suffices to say a 13 year old can not have consensual sex. For the past few days I have seen so many high profile people justify this man’s action. All rapists do not hold a knife to the neck of the victim. Rape is an abuse of power. So often I have politicians say that the people in Hollywood don’t see the world like the rest of America and I have always thought talk like this was over the top, but I am starting to see some validity in this thought pattern. What Polanski did was rape. Plain and simple, this was not some exotic, romantic romp. This was a grown man having sex with a child and not only was it wrong it was rape.

Slumdog Stars Having a Hard Time Adjusting to Slum Life

Last week as I watched the Oscars I could not help, but smile when I saw the children who had starred in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Their eyes were filled with wonder as they hobnobbed with the Hollywood elite. The stars marveled over them as if they were cuddly puppies. The stars graciously signed their autograph books, but even in the moment I knew the children were going to have a difficult time adjusting to the reality that faced them at home. The children have returned home and they now know what it is like to live like the other half. One of the children’s father’s is demanding more money and another child yearns for a real bed. The irony of this situation is the children have gone back to the lives that the film dramatized and it is an understatement to say it is a hard life. Supposedly trusts funds have been set up for the children, but they need help now. The movie has made of $100 million dollars and the director and the crew are laughing all the way to the bank, but sadly the child stars are not laughing because they are back at home living the sad sequel, and that is something that only they will see.