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Shouldn’t a teen know how to sign their own name?

We have entered the age of the thumbs. Good thumbs are essential in this tech driven society. To send thousands of texts per month you have to have two agile working thumbs, but does that mean that you surrender use of your other eight digits? Last night we were out with some friends and we were talking about how tech savvy teens are today, but some seem to be lacking one essential skill. They simply can’t write in cursive. A friend told me her daughter a sophmore in high school recently took a standardized test. The proctor told the students to sign their name on a document prior to the test. This simple request sent some in the group into a frenzy? Why? They didn’t have a Number 2 pencil? No they couldn’t sign their name. They never learned cursive. The proctor encouraged them to try and finally told them to print their name and connect the letters. What??? Yes, that is what they had to do because they simply could not write their own name. We know all of us probably write less then we ever did before, but we still can write. No one is asking for the resurrection of quill and ink…a simple BIC pen will do, but this skill deserves to survive. If the school system has decided they will no longer teach them how to write parents should do it. There are still books out their that can help you teach your child this skill. Teens need to know how to sign their own name. In a couple of years I’m sure thumbs will have the ultimate triumph the students will simply be asked to put their thumb print on the application.

High School Graduates You’re Not Special…Is this speech on the mark or off base?

We as parents tend to believe our children are special and they have within them the capacity to change the world, but are they really special? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

High School Senior Anthony Cornist denied diploma for excessive cheering at graduation

High school senior Anthony Cornist was a popular football player and when he walked across the stage to receive his diploma he was greeted with cheers from friends and family. It was a time of celebration, but the administration believed it was too much and Cornist has been punished. The school sent him a letter saying he has to do 20 hours of community service because of the excessive cheering. His mother has stated he will not be doing the community service. the school will not release his diploma until the community service is completed. What do you think? Is this fair or simply ridiculous?


Atlanta Students Expelled for Facebook Posting

Three Atlanta students have been either suspended or expelled for posting unflattering remarks about one of their teachers on their Facebook pages. “Twelve-year-old Alejandra Sosa said she regretted posting a Facebook status calling one of her teachers at Chapel Hill Middle School a pedophile. The comment got the honor roll student suspended for 10 days and she is now facing expulsion. I was just expressing myself on Facebook, because like I said I was mad that day because of what he [did]. So, I mean I had no intentions of ruining his reputation,” said Sosa. I shouldn’t have done it,” said student William Lambert, III. Because I could have still been at school, like right now, if I never had commented on the post. Lambert, a seventh grader, was also suspended for calling the same teacher a rapist. The honor student’s father said he didn’t condone the comment but believes that what’s done in the privacy of one’s home should not be the subject of disciplinary action at school. “Because it is a privacy issue. When you’re at home on your computer, a lot of people say a lot of things on Facebook, about a lot of people, including our president, including senators, governors. [I think] the school should write the rules of Facebook into their policy before they try to take rules out of context,” said Lambert’s father, William Lambert, Jr.” My question is does the father have a point is this a privacy issue? Also even though the children say they did not seek to damage the teacher’s reputation didn’t they? Lastly do you think the father is simply trying to give his son a pass? Tell me what you think. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/douglas-co-students-disciplined-over-facebook-post-030111