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Why is the GOP facisnated with Plantation Politics?

Republicans often say that black Democrats are tied to the “Democrat plantation”. it is interesting that these same GOP surrogates are often crying about being called names by the left, but they find nothing wrong with this kind of characterization. Plantation politics is an important page in the GOP political playbook, and often the black conservatives are ever so willing to articulate this philosopy. Charles Blow of the New York Times wrote an excellent piece today on plantation politics read it and share your thoughts.


GOP needs a Unifier…Barack Obama is the man for the job

This Republican primary season has been fascinating. Who can forget Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachman, Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty. Well the last two were somewhat forgettable, but the point is we had the opportunity to see 20 debates and they made for some must see tv. So now we are down to the Final Four and the talk is can Mitt Romney seal the deal before the convention? He has Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich standing in his way, but he is convinced that he will be the last man standing. Will there be a brokered convention? Will the Tea Party support Mitt the Mormon from Massachusetts? There might be a brokered convention and the Tea party will support Mitt. He might not win the Mississippi or the Alabama primary today, but so what. Whoever the Republicans select will start out with one big plus–he is not President Obama. There will be party unity and President Obama is the unifier-in-chief. The GOP field might not agree on much, but they do not want four more years for the current resident of Pennsylvania Avenue and that is why on November 6th they will be unified. So we can enjoy the infighting we are witnessing but the real fight starts after they finish fighting each other, and that is the fight that counts.

Herman Cain Train Shows up in South Carolina

Herman Cain the real conservative partnered with Stephen Colbert in South Carolina today. So why is he there? Colbert is there to mock the super packs, but it seems like Cain is simply in need of some attention. Tell me why you think 9-9-9 Cain has re-surfaced?

Herman Cain-It’s Christmas in America

Since Herman Cain has suspended his campaign one has to wonder why did Friends of Herman Cain release this video. Tell me what you think.

Did Herman Cain hurt the black conservative?

I saw this very interesting story in USA Today, it was written by black conservative Sophia Nelson. Read the story and tell me what you think.


Herman Cain Quit why are we still seeing Ginger White?

Ginger White was the final nail in Herman Cain’s political coffin. She shared her story of a 13 year affair she says she had with the former candidate. Her story coupled with the tales of sexual harrassment from other women were just too much for Cain to overcome or for his voters to overlook. So he quit case closed. No, not so fast. White is still giving print and video interviews. She gave The Daily Beast and CNN Piers Morgan interviews yesterday. Now it seems like her mission is to embarrass her former benefactor. She told The Daily Beast that she would be thinking of her grocery lists during some of her sexual encounters with Cain. She also marveled at his arrogance she said β€œI was pretty amazed at how a person could just come up to you at a cocktail party, and an hour and a half later he wanted me to follow him to his hotel room to plan our first trip to Palm Springs,” said White, who was then working as a clerk at a transportation company. β€œIt was intriguing. He was a good speaker, he told a lot of jokes, and I thought he was very intelligent and funny. He was very flirtatious, and he complimented me a lot. I was excited; I came home and told my mother, and I told my sisters when he phoned me the next day. I had to make arrangements for my kids, and my sisters were going to babysit.” So she was amazed at his proposition well I am equally amazed that she would share this story because if true it does say alot about Cain, but it also says alot about her. White initially claimed that she was reluctant to share her story well over the past few days it seems like she has overcome her reluctance.

Herman Cain Quits…but did he really believe he could win the nomination?

Herman Cain finally did what he had to do yesterday-quit. With women coming out of the woodwork on a weekly bais with another sordid tale to share he just had to park the Cain Train. it is hard to believe that with this train of female carnage in his past that he actually believed he could be the nominee. Cain was a humorous distraction during this early election season, but he was never going to be the nominee. He served a purpose and that was to demonstrate the GOP tenet was inclusive, but one only has to look back to their 2008 convention and see that the tent is not expanding. My question is how was Cain caught with his pants down (no pun intended) so many times. He called it a conspiracy but if it was who was conspiring against him? I have linked to a very interesting story from Newsone read it and let me know what you think. http://newsone.com/nation/abanjoko/the-herman-cain-conspiracy/?omcamp=N1TW

The Elevation of the Chick on the Side

Back in the day if a woman knowingly dated a married man it was a secret. It really was nothing that either party bragged about or for that matter talked about, but that day is gone forever. In 2009 when the Tiger Woods sex scandal broke we witnessed the elevation of the mistress. We saw them on all the talk shows sharing the details of their encounters with the golf superstar. We saw some of them stand at the microphone with Gloria Allred and tell how they had been wronged or deceived by the fallen superstar, but one thing they all knew from the jump was that he was a married man. So when I see Ginger White grabbing her moment in the spotlight I am stunned that her story is being accepted as if it were the gospel. She admits to an affair with a married man. This does not just call into question the character of Herman Cain this also calls her character into question. Appearing on MSNBC The Last Word last night White said this was not a love affair this was a sexual affair. Cain has admitted giving White money and he has also admitted that is wife was unaware of this relationship. Cain has to reconcile those facts with his wife, but White is simply a woman that benefited from her relationshop with Cain and has decided to take the walk of fame at the expense of Cain, but when you are the chick on the side it seems like there should be a little shame in that game and it is obvious there is not.

Herman Cain has learned the media giveth and the media can taketh away

Herman Cain said he will meet with his wife and then decide if his campaign will continue. I find it interesting that he has not gone home to meet with her by now. Imagine a wife hearing another woman say that she had a 13 year affair with her husband. It seems like that kind of blow would warrant a return home immediately, but The Cain Train has pressed on. If you go by the media coverage this thing is already over and the only person that refuces to acknowledge the death is Cain. This same media loved Cain when he was simply the 9-9-9 guy, but as the numbers went up so did the scruntiny and the media stopped loving the pizz guy and Cain seemingly did not see the change in the media atmosphere. So the question today is should Cain continue or is it over?


The conservatives must really hate Mitt Romney

Is this for real? The conservatives just can not seem to warm up to the frontrunner, Mitt Romney. They have had love affairs with Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and now the brand new Newt, but they still yearn for something different. Could Sarah be the Savior? If so Lord help us all.