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Colin Powell Comments on the Gates Controversy and Relates His Own Racial Profiling Story on Larry King Live

We are going into the second week of the Gates controversy. Unless you live under a rock you have heard the facts of the case. Or shall I say the disputed facts. In this case the facts vary depending on whose telling them. Some say the President weighed into the controversy, but I contend he was dragged into it. Nevertheless he will be having a beer with Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley very soon. The story refuses to die and last night on Larry King Live General Colin Powell said that he too had been the victim of racial profiling many times. Powell said Gates could have handled the situation differently. Powell urged young people confronted by the police to “cooperate. Don’t make the situation more difficult.”  When King asked Powell how did it make him feel Powell said “Do you get angry? Yes. Do you manifest that anger? You protest, you try to get things fixed, but it’s kind of a better course of action to take it easy and don’t let your anger make the current situation worse.” It is easy for people to comment on the Gates controversy, and say Gates might have handled the situation better, but it is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.  We will never really know what happened in that house so we will never know how we would have reacted to the situation. Powell is a disciplined military man who worked his way up and to do that he has had to learn to keep his emotions in check.  So it stands to reason that Powell would have handled the situation differently, and it also stands to reason that no cop in America today would have cuffed Gen. Colin Powell not even Sgt. Crawley.