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Donald Trump retweets unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz…at what point is enough enough?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Do you think Michelle Obama would have been first lady if she had naked pictures in her portfolio?

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was a model and she took nude photos for GQ magazine. Those photos have showed up in a Ted Cruz ad. Right now Trump and Cruz are trading insults, but I am amazed at the reaction of the public to the photo. The photo was almost greeted with a yawn. Imagine if this was 2008 and a nude photo of Michelle Obama showed up do you think the response would be so muted? Do you think President Obama would have won the election? Mrs. Obama would have been crucified and branded unfit to be the First Lady, but this election season the controversy is not the picture but who released the picture. My how things have changed.

Donald Trump threatens to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’ wife…it was just a matter of time before they got to the wives

Ted Cruz super pack has released an ad featuring a racy picture of Donald Trump’s wife. He tweeted that he might spill the beans on Heidi Cruz. He deleted the tweet shortly after he posted it, but Cruz did call him a coward. So what are the beans The Donald has? Heidi Cruz suffered with depression but this is not 1972 this is 2016. Family should be off limits. All family but this is a different kind of campaign and old rules don’t seem to apply. So this is probably not going to be the last picture Trump will have to tweet about.