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First Lady Michelle Obama Champions Healthy Eating

Since coming to the White House in 2009 the First Lady has encouraged Americans to eat in a more healthy way. In this interview for Everydayhealth.com Mrs. Obama shares recipes, tips and confessions. Follow the link and read the story and tell me what you think. http://everydayhealth.com/white-house.aspx

Are our Kids too Fat or are we making them crazy?

Today at church I heard an average size little girl call herself “fat”. She was not even slightly overweight but she perceived herself as fat. Her Sunday School teacher walked over to her and said you are not fat and you are beautiful. As I walked away I wondered whether we are driving our kids crazy? Why would this girl think she was fat? She thinks this because we have told her so if not in word in deed. If you have ever watched any of the programs geared toward teens you will find girls being defined by their weight by their friends and their enemies. ABC Family has a new show coming on called HUGE which is about obese teens at a weight loss camp. In the promos the main character refuses to hate herself because she is fat. So is this what we want to promote self-hatred? Yes, this country has a childhood obesity problem, but everyone is not obese and with the right motivation those that are can become healthy, but how much stress are we putting on our children? Are we encouraging our children to try to lose weight quickly or are we trying to promote healthy eating habits?   I definitely don’t have the answers. My own daughter has asked me to buy her Slim-Fast. Which I won’t, but I know that I can’t just dismiss her concerns. I know she is not fat but everything around her celebrates the Size 0. As a parent I want to fight childhood obesity, but there has got to be a happy medium between Size 0 and obese, and I will keep looking for it.

Eating Healthy “Ain’t” Cheap


Americans are getting fat. We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but what’s the solution? Eat healthy. That sounds so easy, but take a trip to the grocery store. Blueberries are said to be so good for you that eating them daily can increase your life expectancy, but they cost $3.49 a pint. Strawberries cost $3.99 a pint.  So what do you do if you are trying to stretch a dollar? You buy EasyMac or Ramen noodles. They are not good for you but they are cheap and filling and that’s one of the reasons Americans are getting fat. Too many people do not have the luxury of looking at the long term effects of their eating habits. They are simply trying to feed a family during tough times and $3.49 for a pint of blueberris is simply a luxury that too many Americans can not afford.