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Happy New Year!- The 2011 B List

 This morning I heard that 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolution and less than ½ of them quit their good deeds after a month. So, I propose we kill the resolutions and just simply try to Be Better. Here is my short simple Be List:

1. Be More Grateful

2. Be More Patient

3. Be More Tolerant

4. Be More Adventurous

5. Be More Loving

Happy New Year and thanks for reading the blog!

End of a Decade: We Celebrated, We Mourned and We Survived

On this New Year’s Eve it is hard to simply look at it as the end of the year. The fact is it is the end of a decade. We spent 1999 in fear of 2000 or as they called it Y2K. There were businesses created to aid us in the transition into the new century. We feared our credit cards would not work, we stocked up on water and canned goods in the event the stores would not be able to open. All year our fears were heightened with new things to worry about as we faced the new century, but most of those fears were manufactured for maximum profit. So as we came into this new decade we faced an election year. We saw George W. Bush and Al Gore battle hard for the presidency and we witnessed the first president appointed by the Supreme Court. As I often say if something does not start out right it never gets right and that’s how this decade started…wrong.

We witnessed 9/11 that was a day that changed our country forever. It was the first terrorist attack on our home soil. It was a horrific sight to see the Twin Towers fall, but it was inspiring to see us come together as a nation. I remember seeing the members of Congress stand on the steps of Congress and sing God Bless America, but we are still baffled by this incident being used as the reason we declared war on Iraq. We went looking for weapons of mass destruction and to date we never found any, but we have lost over 4,000 of our citizens. We watched in horror in 2005 as American citizens displaced by Hurricane Katrina begged for food and water. We ere stunned when we heard President Bush tell the head of FEMA that he was doing a good job. The sad fact is at the end of this decade some portions of New Orleans look like the storm was yesterday and this is the state of new Orleans almost one year since President Obama took the helm.

We did have some bright spots this decade and one of them was Barack Obama. We saw him go from a quixiotic first term Illinois senator declaring his candidacy in January of 2007 to the President of the United States accepting a Nobel Peace Price in 2009. We witnessed the power of cable television. We saw unlikely people stepping up to the microphone and offering opinions that would never have been uttered on the big three networks. Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann are now household names.  We were stunned when Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina called President Obama a lie during a televised joint session of Congress, and then we watched as his cohorts tried to make excuses for this egregious behavior, and to add insult to injury we saw Wilson turn his bad behavior into a source of profit. Tons of money came in after he insulted the president, and he became the poster child for hatespeak.

The townhall meetings this summer showed us that some Americans were mad at their government, but the tone was fundamentally different. It seemed more personality than policy. Were they protesting the healthcare bill or were they protesting the fact that the president was black? Many will say no it is his policies that they were protesting, but to simply look at the crowd one knew this was personal. When you heard people saying “I want my country back” or heard them questioning the legitimacy of the Obama election you knew some of if not all of it was about the fact that a black man was now leading this country.

We were proud to elect President Obama, but he spent this past year focusing on healthcare and trying to create alliances with people who will never support him. I hope as we enter this new decade that he will “dance with the one that brought him to the dance.” This is not a comprehensive retrospective on the decade. It would take a book to talk about everything, but this is a compilation of a few events that define this decade for me.  I started writing this blog in January of 2008 and my original plan was to write it until the election was over, but that plan fell by the wayside. I love politics and current events and I look forward to writing as we enter the next decade. Happy New Year and God Bless Everyone.