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NJ Chris Christie makes controversial racial remark in voucher debate…should he apologize?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Is Chris Christie an angry white man?

When they talk about the Mitt Romney short list for vp sometimes Chris Christie’s name comes up, but not much lately. Wonder why? Could it be that he calls people stupid and idiot. Is this straight talk or simply straight up rude? Can you imagine a black politician acting like Christie and simply being viewed as passionate. No a black politicain would have been labeled as an “angry black man”, and he would not be on anyone’s short list for anything. Christie once said when he was asked about the show Jersey Shore that the cast were not from his state, he did not want to be connected to this group’s bad behavior, but it seems they might not want to be identified with the governor either.

Chris Christie is fat…is it mean to joke about it?

Governor Chris Christie is fat. This is a fact, but does that mean that it is fair to make him to make jokes about his girth? Jimmy Kimmel joked about how all governors have a president inside of them but Christie’s is still screaming. In Sunday’s Washington Post I read a factual article that mentioned that he sat next to one of the stars of Modern Family and how she skipped her desert, but Christie “cleaned his plate.” Why did we need to know Christie cleaned his plate? Now as I watch The View Joy Behar has already made a fat joke about Christie. Fat folks are really the only folks you can make a joke about without any repercussions. A few weeks ago Lady Gaga made a joke about pop stars not eating and she got blasted. Some said she was promoting dangerous eating habits. There was simply nothing funny about this, but taking shots at the fat guy is simply sport. Behar said fat men don’t care, but that is simply not true. They might not cry, but that does not mean they are not hurt. What do you think? Is it acceptable to do fat jokes?

Chris Christie calls law student “idiot”…is the governor a bully?

Chris Christie is the one that got away. You hear GOP pundits wax poetic about this guy. If only he had run for president everything would be so different, but it seems like Christie has a pretty short fuse and he also does not mind doing a little name calling. Watch the clip and tell me if you could see him in the oval office.

Jonathan Capehart and Gov. Chris Christie clash on Morning Joe

Morning Joe facilitated a lively exchange this morning between Gov. Chris Christie and openly gay Washington Post editorial writer, Jonathan Capehart. Christie recently vetoed a gay marriage bill and said the gay marriage issue should be decided by the voters not the legislature. However, he did say he supports civil unions. Capehart challenged him and said that he views gay rights as civil rights. Even when Joe Scarborough brought up imagery of the deep south with the water hoses, Bull Connor, church bombings Capehart stood by his contention that gay rights was akin to civil rights. Christie said that he has the same position as President Obama, but he is criticized, but the president is celebrated. Capehart countered by saying the president’s position is “evolving”. Is this a word game or does Christie have a point? Read the link and watch the clip, and tell me what you think.

Chris Christie calls Washington Post Eugene Robinson Out on Morning Joe

Last year when Chris Christie was one of the people that many among the GOP wanted to see run for president. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote a biting article that suggested the New Jersey governor needed to “eat a salad and take a walk”. He also questioned whether Christie was disciplined enough to be president. When Robinson appeared on Morning Joe a few days after the piece ran the Morning Joe crew took him to task about the assertions he made. Today Christie appeared on Morning Joe and he talked about an interview Oprah did with him in which he discussed his struggle with weight, but he also took the opportunity to take a shot at Robinson. He called Robinson an “ignoramus” not once but twice. Willie Geist was the only one that stood up for Robinson and he simply said “we love Eugene Robinson.” This is not a post in defense of Robinson the bigger issue here is Christie. Robinson’s characterization of Christie might have been off the mark, but Christie’s weight is not what will stop him from becoming president. His bigger problem is his temperament. Christie is a bully. He challenges anyone who questions his authority. He berates constituents. He is infamous for name calling. He is loud and rude. That might work in New Jersey, but on the national stage you have got to keep that temper in check. Some are suggesting that Christie might be a great running mate for Mitt Romney, and I don’t doubt he would be great on the campaign trail, but at some point you come off the trail, and it does not look like Christie plays well with others or maybe I should say people who challenge him.
ROBINSON’S RESPONSE: I stand by what I said that obesity is a problem and that diet and exercise are part of the solution. If Gov. Christie disagrees, I wonder who’s the ignoramus?”

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Friends Newark

Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million dollars to the Newark School system. Yesterday he appeared on the Oprah show with the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Corey Booker. The new school system is one of the worst in the country so one would think everyone in the state would great this news with gladness, but instead some question the motives of Zuckerberg. He has been accused of making the donation as an effiort to deflect attention from an upcoming unflattering movie about Facebook. I says so what. If it is a pr trick and Newark gets the money the kids still benefit. The media need to get off Zuckerberg’s back and let him get his shine for helping Newark students acquire the gift that keeps on giving…an education.