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When did the GOP debates turn into the Fight Club?

I used to laugh when I saw video of politicians in other countries fighting. I am talking a, but about physical fighting. I knew that kind of behavior would never happen here, but now I am not so sure. After watching last Thursday’s GOP debate I am starting to think we are one step shy of a physical altercation. One has to wonder how long can grown men call each other names, talk about each other’s mothers, brothers and husband/wives ┬ábefore someone takes a swing at the perpetrator. Are we one step shy of anarchy? When did campaigns turn into reality television? Did it happen with the advent of 24 hour news? We all know that the news channels like any other channel crave ratings and this political cycle is proving to be a ratings boon. The problem is we are talking about the future of the country. Do you remember when members of Congress used to refer to each other as the Distinguished Gentlemen? What happened? When did disrespect become the language of the political class? Over the past 8 years we have seen this anger build to this boiling point. We have heard words hurled at our president that would have never been tolerated but the words were embraced by some and allowed by others. So here we are watching the gladiators go at it and wondering what will we gain from this. Share your thoughts.

Where has this Marco Rubio been?

Last night Marco Rubio finally got his voice. He was not simply repeating well prepared lines he was spitting bullets, and they were landing on the target, Donald Trump. Rubio finally addressed the elephant that has always been in the room, Trump’s checkered business deals. Throughout the campaign Trump has won a suit of invisibility. No one challenged him out of fear. Everyone complimented him on his wonderful suit, but last night Rubio let the cat out of the bag. Just like the emperor of the childhood story Trump wears no clothes. He was challenged and last night we saw the front runner fumble, but the real question is will it make a difference? A few weeks ago we watched Chris Christie don the “suicide vest” as he attacked Rubio, and he did damage but it did not help him. He bowed out days later because that is the life of someone that wears the vest they do not live to see the results of their destruction. Last night Rubio wore the vest and he did some damage, but will his efforts get him some Super Tuesday votes or will he be sitting next to Christie simply watching the clown show from his living room sofa? Share your thoughts.