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Dr. Ben Carson launches an Exploratory Committee

Black migration shortened lives of blacks who fled Jim Crow South

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Why didn’t the President attend the rally in Paris yesterday?

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We should celebrate Mia Love and Tim Scott

Black people in the US are as different as their skin tones. No one voice can speak for all. Over the years the media has anointed the loudest voice as the leader, but that person only represented a segment of our many voices. Tuesday night Mia Love became the first Republican black woman ever elected to Congress, and Tim Scott became the first black man elected to the Senate since Reconstruction. This is historic, but the NAACP has failed to acknowledge these laudable accomplishments and that is simply not right. They are conservatives and many in the black community do not share their view of the role of government. It is ok to disagree with them but to ignore them is another thing. You can applaud their accomplishments without embracing their ideology. They made history and that should not be ignored it should be applauded.

The Two Ways out of the Neighborhood…which one did you choose?

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Republicans are people Too

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Are there two Americas?

going out mom

9/11 We Can Never Forget


The Fall of Bob McDonnell…from rising star to convicted felon

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Political Direct Mail, do you read it?

political mail
We have a primary coming next week and over the past few weeks we have received numerous mailers extolling the virtues of a myriad of candidates. The question is do you ever read these things, and if so do they factor into your decision about a candidate? Share your thoughts.


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