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Is Monica Lewinsky fair game or is it time to let her alone?

Most Americans have the opportunity to make mistakes and move on. The exploits of youth are allowed to be a part of the past, but if you are Monica Lewinsky you are not given that privilege. She will forever be associated with President Bill Clinton. She is the one he declared to the world that he had never had sex with that woman. She was victimized by the press in the “90s and now she is quickly become the political football of the 2016 campaign, but is this fair? Should the sins of Bill Clinton be used against Hillary Clinton? Lewinsky was a young woman when she had an affair with Clinton. He has been able to move forward and be regarded as an elder statesman. He has had the opportunity for his life to move forward, but she is forever trapped in the role of a young vixen. Donald Trump and his spokespeople have openly discussed bringing up Lewinsky. Will Lewinsky ever be released from her past or will this affair haunt her to the grave? Share your thoughts.

If Hillary Clinton is playing the woman card than what card is The Donald playing?

Tuesday Night Donald Trump won 5 primaries, but he decided to take some shots at Hillary Clinton. They will be facing each other in the general election. Its politics so shots will be taken but to reduce Clinton’s record to the “woman’s card” is ridiculous even coming from Trump. She is a lawyer, she had been a US senator and the Secretary of State. It is dismissive and sexist to discount her achievements. Yes he has a right to critique her performance, but to reduce them to nothing and to say if he were a man she would only have 5% of the vote is pure Trump nonsense. One is left to wonder what card is Trump playing? The I’m rich and I am used to getting what I want card, the my daddy gave me a million dollars to start my company card, the I don’t mind race baiting card or the I love to insult women and minority cards. He has so many cards in his deck we are in for a brutal election season as he deals from the bottom of his deck.

If Donald Trump is winning why is he doing so much whining?

Why would you run for your party’s nomination when you have so many problems with the party? You complained about the debates. They weren’t fair. You complained about the moderators they weren’t fair. You have complained and continue to complain about the media they are not fair.Two of your children are not registered to vote, and they complained the registration system is onerous, but millions of people manage to get through the process. Now he is complaining about the GOP party rules. he claims they are stacked against him. Is Trump a victim of the system? Nonsense, he is simply used to getting his way and in Colorado that simply did not happen and as he looks down the road he is starting to see it might not be smooth sailing. Lately, Trump is not sounding like a winner he is sounding more like a whiner.

Trump’s Campaign Reveals Patronizing Worldview

Interesting article share your thoughts.

Trump’s Campaign Reveals A Patronizing Worldview

Rick Scott claps back at rude Starbuck’s patron…but is it fair?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Gov. Rick Scott gets disrespectful ear full, should he have responded?

We live in a society where free speech is one of our hallmarks, but is this woman out of order? Sure she has a right to disagree with the Florida governor, but does that give her the right to hurl profanities? Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump spars with Matt Lauer on the Today Show

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Donald Trump’s Defense of Employee goes way too far

Too often employees lament that their employers are no longer loyal to them. You can be let go for the most minor infraction, but Donald Trump can not be accused of that. He is not only standing by Corey Lewandowski but he is bashing his accuser. Trump has taken to the airwaves to bash Michelle Fields and that is disturbing. Fields has been characterized as delusional by Lewandowski and an opportunist by the candidate. This is not the first time Lewandowski has put his hands on someone at a campaign event. His thuggish behavior is not just tolerated in Trumpland it is celebrated. Trump appeared on the Today Show this morning via telephone and he continued his defense of his employee and his bashing of Fields. He characterizes his employee as a “decent man”, and that might be true but Fields is not indecent. She is a reporter who was attempting to get her story. She was doing her job and Trump’s right hand man had no right to put his hands on her. Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump retweets unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz…at what point is enough enough?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Do you think Michelle Obama would have been first lady if she had naked pictures in her portfolio?

Donald Trump’s wife Melania was a model and she took nude photos for GQ magazine. Those photos have showed up in a Ted Cruz ad. Right now Trump and Cruz are trading insults, but I am amazed at the reaction of the public to the photo. The photo was almost greeted with a yawn. Imagine if this was 2008 and a nude photo of Michelle Obama showed up do you think the response would be so muted? Do you think President Obama would have won the election? Mrs. Obama would have been crucified and branded unfit to be the First Lady, but this election season the controversy is not the picture but who released the picture. My how things have changed.


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