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Georgia Parents forgive sons who were trying to kill them…could you forgive?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Robin Roberts Reveals she is gay…is this news?

Robin Roberts reveals she is gay via a Facebook message. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Nancy Grace on Good Morning America defends her controversial Whitney Houston comments

A few nights ago attention getting, headline wanting Nancy Grace asked who pushed Whitney Houston underwater? Grace insinuated that Houston had been murdered. She has no facts to back up her contention, but this woman will say anything in search of ratings. This morning she appeared on Good Morning America and doubled down on her baseless statements. Grace is a dangerous person. She is not a journalist so she is not bound by a code of ethics. She is just a ratings hound that is in pursuit of the next story that will help her in her ultimate pursuit…justice…no ratings.

Botox for an 8 year old…not just stupid but possibly criminal

In our society people yearn for their 15 minutes of fame, and they will do and say almost anything to get it. I was not going to post on this one, but it makes me mad. A mother appeared on Good Morning America with her 8 year old daughter. The mother has her daughter involved in beauty pagents. That is their choice and that is not a problem. The problem arises when the mother admits that she is giving this child botox. She is literally giving the child the injections. So they got their 15 minutes of fame and now the authorities are looking into the matter. No 8 year old needs this procedure and it is gratifying to know that this woman’s vanity might lead to her punishment. It is sad that this mother thought what she was doing was positioning her daughter to win, but she actually only showcased the fact that she is a loser as a mother. Tell me what you think. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4693027/how-young-is-too-young-for-botox/

What Does Tyler Perry Have against black men?

Tomorrow Tyler Perry’s latest movie For Colored Girls opens to the public. This movie marks a dramatic departure from the typical Perry film, but some things do stay the same. Perry tends to paint his men in two ways: bad or good. There is generally no middle ground. Today I read a very interesting perspective of Perry’s portrayal of men on The Grio website: http://www.thegrio.com/entertainment/does-tyler-perry-have-a-problem-with-black-men.php

Did Virginia Thomas really want an apology from Anita Hill?

It’s been almost 20 years since the Clarence Thomas hearings. Why didn’t Ginny Thomas just let sleeping dogs lie. I remember watching the hearings and I was convinced that Anita Hill was telling the truth, but I also remember being embarrassed as she shared the details of her story, and I thought why would she subject herself to this scrutiny if this were not the truth. People still feel very passionate about the hearings. On Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said Thomas was unfairly victimized on “unfounded allegations” but whether you believe Hill or not one can not dismiss her testimony as unfounded.  Some have said that Thomas was treated this way because he was a conservative, but I don’t buy that explanation. The reality is most sexual harassment is not done in the open where everyone can see it. It is generally done one on one and the two people involved are really the only two who actually know what transpired. So almost twenty years later and people are still bitterly divided, but why is this wound being re-opened and who made us revisit this incident? Ginny Thomas brought this issue back to the national conversation. She made a call on a Saturday at 7:30AM. So she really did not want to talk to Hill she wanted to leave a message, but what was her expectation? She had to know there would be no apology because Hill is comfortable with her own truth. Perhaps Thomas is trying to rewrite history and clear the stain from her husband’s legacy, but did she really believe Hill was ready to kiss and makeup? It was inappropriate for her to even approach Hill. What happened involved her husband and Hill and she should not have attempted to stir in it. She has made us start a new conversation about a painful period and just like 1991 some will believe him and some will believe her. We will never know what really happened and frankly we would have been happy not to have to discuss this incident again.

We Love Oprah and Nothing Kitty Kelly has to Say Can Change It

I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey. No I was not a child when Winfrey first came on the scene, but I was young just like she was and I saw her personal evolution over the years. She initially showed the salacious on her show, over the years her focus has changed as she has matured as a person and a host. Winfrey represents the proof that in this country it is possible to come from nothing and become a social phenomenon.  Today I watched Matt Lauer interview Kitty Kelly who has just written an unauthorized biography on the talk show host. She has taken aim at Oprah and talked to disgruntled ex-employees and resentful relatives who have probably gotten all of the gravy possible off the Oprah gravy train, and are now angry because they can not longer hit the talk show host for more money. Kelly admits that Winfrey’s true confidantes would not talk to her so what can we expect from a one-sided look at Winfrey? We can expect to read rumors and innuendo the kinds of titillating tales that sell books. Kelly has a right to write a book on Oprah, and I reserve the right not to buy it. Oprah is not every woman, but she is advocate for women, and she has helped so many people over the years and that is not something she had to do. Oprah is no god she is human, and she has her flaws like we all do, but Kelly and her ilk seek to make a buck exploiting the flaws, and I simply am not buying.

Joe Stack’s Daughter Calls Him a “Hero”

American terrorist Joe Stack flew his plane into an IRS agency last week. He destroyed the building and took the life of Vietnam veteran, Vernon Hunter. Yesterday on Good Morning America his daughter Samatha Bell who now lives in Norway spoke regarding her father’s murderous act. She described his act as “inappropriate”, but she said that his act will hopefully bring attention to his plight and others in similar situations. She also excused the fact that he set fire to his home. This man was no hero he was a murderous terrorist who killed and put the lives of hundreds of people at risk. He is not the first or the last person to have problems with the IRS, but nothing justifies this vile act. He was not hero.

Why is Sunday Morning Talk Devoid of Color?

This morning it was announced that CNN Candy Crowley would be the new anchor of State of the Union. She succeeds John King who will be getting a new show at 7PM. When Tim Russert died in 2008 there was talk of Gwen Ifil filling his seat at Meet the Press, but that spot went to David Gregory. George Stephanopolis is now anchoring Good Morning America and his seat is now up for grabs. Maybe just maybe a person of color will be seriously considered. There are countless qualified candidates that could bring an interesting perspective to the conversation.

Salahis Appear on Today Show Claiming Email Invite

This morning the infamous Salahi’s appeared on the Today Show. Prior to their appearance the brother of Tareq in an inteview basically said they are media hounds and they yearn for publicity. Matt Lauer interviewed them and he pressed them for a simple answer that he did not get. The central question is did they receive an invitation? They said they are currently working with the Secret Service and the truth will come out. They said they have detailed emails that will exonerate them. Emails!!!? Call me crazy but this a formal dinner I hardly think a mass email went out to the invitees. I think an event of this nature would warrant a formal invitation and they did not get one. Let’s halt this farce they crashed plain and simple. We learned today that this same couple crashed the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in September. In that case their security team escorted them out of the affair, but they claim that too is a lie. The bottomline is we are still talking about them and they got their shot on the Today Show. So in their minds probably any press is good press so this is a good day.