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George Zimmerman vs DMX=One Hot Mess

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George Zimmerman Arrested Again


Why is Shellie Zimmerman on the Today Show questioning her husband’s innocence?

Matt Lauer interviewed George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie this morning. She is now saying George Zimmerman has changed drastically and she has even gone as far as questioning his innocence but why now? She stood by her man during the trial. She even lied for him and is now on parole for pleading guilty to perjury, but now she is expressing doubt about the verdict. Could this be part of her divorce strategy? Share your thoughts.

George Zimmerman taken into custody after gun incident

George Zimmerman is in custody after gun incident with Shellie Zimmerman’s family. Possibly “domestic battery”. read the link for more details.

Stand up to Stand Your Ground Ad…does it work?

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Zimmerman juror B37 tells Anderson Cooper that she thinks Zimmerman has learned his lesson…really?

Just tuned into Anderson Cooper and Juror 37B from the Zimmerman case is speaking out. She told Anderson that they never considered race when evaluating the facts of the case. Cooper asked her if she would be comfortable having Zimmerman as a neighborhood watchmand in her neighborhood. She hesitated and said only if he did not go too far. I would think killing an unarmed teen would fall within the realm of too far, but she also went on to say that she thinks Zimmerman has learned his lesson. We can only pray he has.

There is Only Tragedy Here by Eric Erickson

Wonderful piece from Red State by Eric Erickson

George Zimmerman found not guilty on all counts

George Zimmerman is a free man today. He was found not guilty tonight by a jury of his peers. The jury has spoken and we have to accept their verdict. Zimmerman did profile Trayvon Martin. He did follow him after he was told not to and he did kill him, but according to the verdict he did not commit a crime. He was not declared innocent, but he was found not guilty and that means the state did not satisfy their burden of proof. Remember when OJ Simpson was acquitted, and to this day most Americans believe he is a killer. In 1995 I remember saying OJ might have done it but the state did not prove it. Well now I will say Zimmerman did it, but the state did not prove that he actually committed a crime.

Why did NBC Brian Williams call Trayvon Martin “the dead teenager’?

This is not a rhetorical question. Tonight while watching the NBC Nightly News I was struck when Brian Williams did his story on the George Zimmerman story. Williams said the parents of George Zimmerman were in the courtroom, and then he went on to say the parents of “the dead teenager” were also in the courtroom. What an odd choice of descriptors to lead off a story.

Will Trayvon Martin be convicted?

The headline sounds ridiculous. Trayvon Martin is dead, but the George Zimmerman defense teams seems committed to putting Martin on trial. Martin might not have been a saint, but he had a right to life. Over the past few days I have heard several pundits say that the Zimmerman defense team is skillfully establishing reasonable doubt and Zimmerman might be acquitted. The media seem to be comfortable with Zimmerman and reasonable doubt but I find it ironic that Zimmerman has admitted to killing Martin, but he might walk and go back to his life, but when OJ simpson was aquitted in 1995 the world went wild. Did Simpson kill his ex wife and Ronald Goldman? I don’t know, but I do know he was not caught with a knife in his hand but people believed he was a killer. Simpson was not allowed to simply resume his old life, but if Zimmerman is aquitted he will be able to go back to his and that’s not fair.