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Kanye Lashes out at Matt Lauer, Taylor Swift and President Bush Again

PLEASE NOTE PROFANITY IS USED ON THE CLIP. Matt Lauer’s not a bad guy I’m sure … but if you are a child that’s being abused by your parent … or you are a girl being abused by your boyfriend … the greatest win that you could ever have is for that person to hit you in public. You SEE! YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU!Kanye West

Kanye West is on his Justification Tour. In spite of what he did to Taylor Swift, what he said about President Bush or how he interacted with Matt Lauer it is not his fault. He is simply the misunderstood creative and that’s that. West might be a true musical talent, but he has to take responsibility for his own actions good or bad and this rant is definately not a step toward maturity. Tell me what you think.


Why would George Bush’s mother show him a dead fetus?

Preisdent Bush’s new book Decision Points is coming out this week. He chronicles a lot of events that shaped his life but one of them is down right disturbing. President Bush opposed abortion, but in the book he shared that as a teenager his mother suffered a miscarriage and she placed the fetus in a jar to take to the hospital with her, and seeing this fetus helped solidify his opposition to abortion. What???? Please tell me why would a mother show this to one of her children? To me this borders on child abuse. To place that kind of indeligble imprint in the mind of your child is simply cruel. There was nothing edifying about this act.

Mission Accomplished: Bush Will Leave Office in 7 Days

Today President Bush held his last press conference as president. He used it as a time to reflect on his 8 year presidency. To me there are two moments that define Bush’s presidency and they are September 11th and Katrina. When we were attacked on September 11th George Bush stepped up and became a resilient, compassionate leader. Let’s not speculate on what his office knew or should have known. Let’s just reflect on the fact that the country was in a state of shock and sorrow, and he was a true leader in this time of uncertainty. He knew what to say to those who had loss loved ones and he also knew what to say to all of us as we struggled to move on. This was truly George Bush at his best. Then came Katrina in 2005 and what I saw was bordering on indifference. To see citizens of our country standing crying and begging for help was absolutely heart-wrenching. It was unbelievable and inconceivable that we as a nation could drop food to refugees all over the world, but we had no means of helping citizens in our own country. When he said  that his FEMA chief was doing a “hecka of a job”, people all over the country gave a collective gasp. We wondered how could he be so out of touch?  Today as he reflects on his actions he contends he did not want to be in the way of law enforcement.  If we could only believe this,  but this seems like a statement made by a man to justify his own inaction. September  11th and Katrina are two pivotal events that will define his legacy and at this point it is hard to see how this president will be remembered.    

Plunging Markets, Auto Bailouts and Flying Shoes the Legacy of George Bush

These are the last days of George Bush and he is counting the days like a prisoner waiting on his release date. He has seen the markets crash, the auto industry threaten to go belly up and the final insult of an Iraqi reporter hurling his shoes at him.  Bush for all intents and purpose has been missing in action. His surprise visit to Iraq was designed to encourage the troops and to highlight the progress made in that country, but sadly the shoe incident has proven to be the news story coming out of the visit. The irony of the situation is Bush though misguided thought the removal of Sadaam Hussein would be viewed as victory to the Iraqi citizens, but after over 4 years and over 4,000 American lives sacrificed the Iraqi countrymen hate Americans, and in no way to they view the Americans as liberators. So on yesterday we see our current president ducking the flying shoes of a reporter. This is the final insult for our president and sadly our country.


No Loan for You Autoworkers…Unless You Take An Immediate Pay Cut

What if your boss walked into your office and said effective Monday “I am cutting your salary in half.” What would you do? All your bills stay the same. You have a house note, car note, kids in college and now you have got to slice your expenses in half. What if your boss told you that by 2011 he was going to cut your salary in half? If this was the case you would not be happy but you would have time to prepare. You would have time to make some changes in your lifestyle. You would have time to downsize if necessary. Well, Congress asked the United Auto Workers to pretty much accept a major salary cut immediately. The UWA had agreed to change their salary structure at the end of their contract, but Congressional Republicans wanted them to bite the bullet immediately and since their were unwilling to do this Congress said no to the loan. If Congress was told today that their salaries would be cut in half I don’t think they would be shouting for joy, but they don’t have to worry about that they are that rare breed of people who have the power to grant themselves a raise. So as far as they are concerned they say to the UAW “let them eat cake”.

What Will Be George W. Bush’s Legacy?

Today on Morning Joe they were discussing the current president George Bush. One of their frequent guest Christa Freeland said that Bush has been largely absent during this economic meltdown. The face of the administration has been Treasury Secretary Paulsen. She said the president-elect has made more statements about the crisis than the current president. Joe seemingly mocked the guest and reduced Obama’s contribution to time on the microphone. Bush is still the president and he should not be MIA in the last weeks of his presidency. The discussion went on to detail some of this president’s catastrophic failures which include: the handling of Katrina, the invasion of Iraq and the current economic crisis. This is a man who was not even welcome at his own party convention. Is it fair to blame Bush for all of the failures listed? No some of the problems were due to the ineptitude of others in his cabinet and on his staff, but if you are going to take credit for the good things that have happened over this 8 year stretch you must also take some of the blame for the failures. When Mrs. Bush was asked by Charles Gibson what is she most proud of related to her husband’s presidency she responded “he kept us safe for 8 years.” That is true and that will probably be his legacy.   

Obama is the President-elect and George Bush is Still the President

Today President-elect Obama introduced his economic team. Everyone is so pleased with his selection that they want him to be president now. I was watching Lou Dobbs and he suggested that George Bush resign today one of his guest proposed swearing Obama in as the interim president until the inauguration. All of this was fodder for discussion since the fact is it is un-constitutional, but the bigger issue is that Americans need answers now. So now the pundits are clamoring for Obama to fill the “leadership vacuum”. this is very dangerous territory for Obama because it has to be clear that this is not a situation that he created. This is an inherited situation and George Bush is still the president. He might not look like the man in charge but he is still the president and he still has power, and he needs to use it. Just by virtue of being the president he can call the brightest and best to his office tomorrow, but he is choosing to serve out his last days like a prisoner waiting for release. So by doing nothing everyone is looking for Obama to solve the nation’s problems prior to taking office. Barack Obama is not the president he is the president elect and until he is sworn in President Bush must do the job that we are currently paying him to do.

Barack Obama Won the Election, but Now He Can’t Win for Losing

Generally the time after the election is a time of rest and relaxation for the President-elect. After a brutal campaign the winner can relax and reflect after a grueling campaign. That is not the case for President-elect Barack Obama. In light of the economic meltdown Obama is not able to simply chill until January. People are asking what is he going to do? Why is he not speaking out? If he was grabbing every microphone and giving his opinion on every issue the press would be saying will somebody tell this guy “he is not president yet”.  His cabinet picks are being criticized. Some are saying he is resurrecting the Clinton crew. Where is the change he promised? If he stacked the cabinet with neophytes the press would say why is he bringing all of these newcomers to Washington in this time of crisis. They would say we need people experienced with the ways of Washington.  One has to wonder how did things get this bad? It is almost as if George Bush had his finger on a little hole in a ship and as January approaches he has moved his finger and allowed to water to come in the vessel, and sadly Barack Obama is the new finger holding the hole, and like it or not we are going to need Obama’s finger before January or we are going to drown.

Dick Cheney Endorses a Bush 3rd Term-John McCain

Dick Cheney has endorsed John McCain he said that McCain is the right leader for this time. This is not surprising since a vote for McCain would affirm we as a people want 4 more years of Bush. George Bush has been keeping a low profile during this election season. If you remember neither Cheney or Bush were at the Republican convention. Bush is so quiet that one would think the McCain camp has him under some kind of gag order. So one would wonder would the McCain gang really welcome such an endorsement? I think not, but it is further validation that McCain is the heir to the Bush legacy and we can not afford 4 more years of that!

Final Debate: Obama Looked Presidential and McCain Looked Mad

Last night Barack Obama conducted himself like a president. He was clear and direct even while discussing William Ayers and ACORN. He listened to his opponent and responded when instructed by the moderator. Whereas throughout this campaign McCain has shown disdain for Obama. In the first debate he refused to look at Obama, in the second debate he called him “That One” and in the final debate he continually interupted him. when he was not interupting him we could hear sighing and heavy breathing from McCain. When they were on the split screen we saw McCain rolling his eyes or looking like he was about to explode. McCain said all the things he needed to say to satisfy his base, but I do not believe that anyone who watched him could be comfortable electing this hothead.  One of Obama’s best lines of the night is that they can attack him for the next 3 weeks he can take it what America can not afford is 4 more years of George Bush policy. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result. America is not insane and try as he might to draw a line in the sand McCain offers more of the same and America can not afford that.