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General McChrystal Must Go and He Should Not Be Allowed to Resign

General McChrystal will be meeting with the president tomorrow, and after that meeting he should be the former leader of the troops fighting in Afghanistan.  He has got to go. He is not so invaluable that he can not be replaced. He does not hold some secret plan in his head that only he can implement. He has got to go and he should not be allowed to resign he should be fired. Throughout the day I heard pundits say he is so valuable that he simply can not be replaced. That’s insane if something happened to him rest assured the war would still rage on so he can be replaced. He disparaged his boss and the boss’ team and for that reason he can not be allowed to stay. You try talking about your boss to your subordinates or simply send an email describing your boss as an idiot and forward it to everyone in your company. By the end of the day security will be standing at your desk as you pack your box. This is that magnified by a million. This guy has shown total disrespect for the president and he has got to go. If the president allows him to stay after this then he is a wimp.