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Do you really want a Gender Neutral world?

Target has changed its signage to reflect this brand new world. Toys will no longer be separated by gender. No boy toys or girl toys now it will just be toys. What’s next clothes? No more blue or pink just yellow. What is wrong with gender specific? Share your thoughts.

Oregon Schools build “third” gender bathrooms

Is this a sign of the time? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


When I Enter A Room I am Black First

The first thing someone notices about me is my ethnicity. The second thing is my gender. So when looking at the two Democratic candidates I see race first and then gender. America has always allowed the white man to lead followed by his white mate. Next on the totem pole are people of color. This is still a fact in 2008. So when I make my decision I approach it as a black first and then as a woman. I know that we are witnessing an incredible moment in time. Barack Obama is the first truly viable black man to seek the office of president and for that fact alone he will get my vote.  Maybe in 2012 I can think about gender.