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Has BET Being Mary Jane simply become another bitter black woman?

Last year when Mary Jane premiered on BET the character seemed to have a great career, a great home,  problematic family and a challenged personal life, but she was likeable. Sure she made some ill advised decisions, and in some cases they were simply dumb, but you still rooted for her. You wanted her to find that true love that simply alluded her, but this season is an entirely new ballgame. There is a thin line between the strong, black woman and the bitter black woman. The strong woman has obstacles in her life but she is a survivor. She is going to get it done, and she is simply not going to take no for an answer, but she knows things will get better because she is going to make it happen. There is a slippery slope from strong to bitter and this season Mary Jane has taken that slippery side and she is simply bitter. She is a woman in the midst of a self imposed war. Her adversaries are everyone in her life. She is at war with her on and off again love David, her family and her job. She has no allies and those who might want to be she has shut the door to their advances. The show is no longer fun. It is angst ridden and anxiety producing. Last night was simply sad. Some might call it a slice of life and if it is you can keep my slice.


What do Being Mary Jane, Scandal and Blurred Lines have in common?

Last night was the finale for Being Mary Jane. Did it leave us hopeful or sad? It depends on your perspective. Mary Jane has a fantastic job, a dysfunctional family and a complicated love life. She is the poster woman for you can’t have it all, but at some points during the finale you just wanted her to have some. This show is the latest must see among black women, but the real question is why? Why do we applaud a woman who seems to find her happy at the expense of another woman. In the real world the sidechick is despised but more and more the sidechick is celebrated. Scandal was the forerunner to the celebration of the sidechick. The character Olivia Pope is another successful black woman who finds her happy in the arms of the married president. We know this is all fantasy but it begs the question what are women willing to settle for? Is securing a portion of a man’s heart enough? Have we blurred the lines so much where this is the new normal. During the Tiger Woods scandal a few years ago we learned of Woods’ serial unfaithfulness, but we also saw countless women proudly stand before the cameras and say yes I was with Tiger. It was a parade of sidechicks who loved having their 15 minutes in the spotlight. The other day I saw Gabrielle Union who plays Mary Jane on The View. The sidechick question surfaced but Union brushed it aside, but it can’t be. She and Kerry Washington are the stars of very successful shows, but when the storyline portrays them as women knowingly engaged in relationships with married men they are the sidechick and the lines are not blurred.

Dwayne Wade is a dad again

Last week Dwayne Wade was all smiles as the news broke that he is engaged to his longtime love Gabrielle Union. Today we learned that Wade is a father again, but Union is not the mother. This child was conceived while he and Union were on a break. Read the article and share your thoughts.