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David Bowie calls out MTV for lack of diversity

I watched this clip and I was proud of David Bowie. He stated his premise and did not flounder. He listened to the host but did not move from his point. Watch it and share your thoughts.

Fox News Folks Question the President’s Tears…Really?

Yesterday the president cried while recounting deaths lost to gun violence. It is a natural, normal reaction to cry while recounting a tragedy but the Fox Folks speculate the tears were fake. Over he past 8 years they have shown no mercy to this president but really give him a break believe it or not he is human too.

Black Lives Matter, but does that also apply to black folks that work at stores?

Black Lives Matter closed some stores at the Mall of America yesterday. They disrupted the day after Thanksgiving shopping on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. They are disrupting commerce and that gets media attention, and from the business community. So would their activities be defined as successful? What about the people who work at these stores do their lives matter? Who will help them pay their bills or buy gifts for their families? Share your thoughts.

Ted Cruz’ daughters are off limits, but he needs to keep them off commercials

When I heard the Washington Post had published a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz; daughters as monkeys I thought it was completely out of line, and then I saw the commercial. Politicians should not use their children to deliver political barbs towards their opponents. Don’t put your children in the line of fire.

Steve Harvey’s Big Mistake is No Big Deal

We all make mistakes, but when you ar famous you make them on a bigger stage. Steve Harvey made a mistake and he owned it. Let’s move on.

Fox News Analyst calls President Obama a “pussy”… when did this become acceptable?

Whether you like the president or not doesn’t the office deserve respect? Share your thoughts.

Donald Trump explains why 100 Black Preachers did not endorse him today

“Probably some of the Black Lives Matter folks called them up and said, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be meeting with Trump because he believes all lives matter,’” the bombastic billionaire and 2016 Republican frontrunner said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” referring to the movement protesting against police brutality and the killing of unarmed African-Americans.”

It is interesting that he attributes their lack of support to an outside force. Not that they might have had second thoughts. Their thoughts are being controlled by others.

Did a NY cabbie skip Al Roker to pick up a white guy?

Read the linked story and you decide is Al Roker justified or is he overreacting?

University of Missouri President resigns, but says this is not how change should happen

The University Of Missouri football team refused to take the field this weekend. That act cast the school 1 million dollars, and today after weeks of protest the president stepped down. In his resignation speech he said this is not how change should happen, but radical acts help facilitate change and when a university starts losing money that too can be a catalyst for change. Share your thoughts.

Where is the perfect presidential candidate?

2016 presidential contenders include: an egomaniac, a socialist, a liar, a man who can’t keep his campaign money separated from his personal money, a failed Fortune 500 executive, a man born with a silver spoon in his mouth who never learned to fight, a man who overcame the hood to perform amazing surgery, a man who can’t get along with his colleagues, a man who has a problem saying no to donuts, a man who stands proudly with lawbreakers and a man that is a military hawk. All of these people want sit in the oval office and none of them are perfect. We have that in common with them, but even if you disagree with them they are doing something. They have an idea and a commitment to this country. So as we sit on our couches with our popcorn waiting on the next shoe to drop give them a little credit for at least being willing to try.


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