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Who should we demand answers from Governor Snyder or Cam Newton?

cam newton and mi gov

Snyder Administration started sending water to state buildings months before they dealt with Flint residents

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Enough about Oscar let’s talk about Flint

For the past few days we have been talking about the Oscars. The lack of diversity in the actors ranks has been a central conversation but is that the most important thing going on in our country? No it is not but Flint Michigan is. Why Should Flint matter to all of us? It was a governmental failure on a scale with Hurricane Katrina. It was not just a state failure it is a national failure. What happened to the EPA? Were they also asleep at the switch? Why were the concerns of the residents ignored for so long? Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have all expressed outrage and concern for the residents of Flint, but others have taken cover and said its a state matter and not on their agenda, but it should be. This is a true national crisis. The Oscar controversy is a battle of egos, but the Flint crisis is a battle for survival. Share your thoughts.

Flint Water Crisis was created by the State of Michigan

Flint Michigan is now passing out bottled water. The lead level in the water is at dangerous levels. Why did this happen? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.