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Are the Obamas getting a little too thirsty?

The President recently appeared on reality television and Mrs. Obama is a frequent guest on shows like Ellen? Are they spreading themselves a little thin? Are they starting to appear thirsty? Share your thoughts.

In Defense of Uppityism

Interesting article.

Why is First Lady Michelle Obama’s China trip being vilified by the right?

Mrs. Obama is leaving for China tomorrow. Her daughters, her mother and several staff members are also making the trip. Every time Mrs. Obama takes a trip I see articles estimating the cost of the trip. Also articles mocking the fact that she takes her mother. I really don’t remember this kind of scrutiny of the other first ladies, but Mrs. Obama’s schedule is always held up to the light. Read the linked story and please read the comments. Share your thoughts.


First lady bemoans culture of African Americans aspiring to be ‘a baller or a rapper’

Why do the Obamas use a lecturing tone when addressing African American audiences? Today First Lady Obama addressed Bowie State University and the headline above is how Politico saw her visit. Sure she congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments but that gets lost in the sauce. Why highlight the negative at a time of celebration. If she was addressing Princeton, Harvard or Brown would she bemoan the baller mentality? Don’t get me wrong there are young people who view being a baller as their only ticket out of the hood, but they were not the ones that were sitting before her in caps and gowns they simply desrve our applause.

Have we seen too much of FLOTUS?

Haters are gone to hate that’s a given, but this question is being asked by ardent supporters. Is it time for the first lady to take a step out of the spotlight? Is she being over-exposed or have her two last appearances been polarizing. We saw her dancing with Jimmy Fallon and Sunday night we saw her surprise appearance at the Oscars. Keep in mind she is not the first White house resident to appear on the awards show. Share your thoughts.


Why would MSNBC describe Michelle Obama’s eye roll as “throwing shade”?

Michelle Obama’s eye roll: Was she throwing shade?Morgan Whitaker
11:00 am on 01/22/2013

This is the MSNBC headline for a silly story about Mrs. Obama. Did she or didn’t she roll her eyes at something Speaker Boehner said during the inauguration lunch? MSNBC chose to go the ethnic route in their headline when they asked “was she throwing shade?” My question is if former First Lady Laura Bush had done the same thing would they have used the same description? What do you think?


Radio Announcer suggest the First Lady should appear in National Geographic…should he apologize or does it matter?

SOURCE: (CBS News) A small-town rodeo is attracting some national attention as the event’s announcer made a joke over the PA system that has offended some. The announcer at a local rodeo in San Louis Obispo County, Calif., is coming under fire for a joke about First Lady Michelle Obama, which some said was racist.”Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine, and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them,” the San Lois Obispo Tribune reported how audience member Dona Wilson recounted the joke. At least one member of the Creston Classic Rodeo has called on the announcer, Ed Kutz, to apologize. “I can’t speak for the board, but I myself think that this is unacceptable behavior or conduct by the announcer,” said Mike Barrett in The Tribune. “I find it offensive, and I think that it’s conduct unbecoming the rodeo announcer.” According to the rodeo’s website, Creston is a small town on the Central California coast. The annual rodeo attracts cowboys and cowgirls from around California to compete in the three-day event “that carries on the tradition of the hard-working pioneers that founded Creston.”*


In 2008 Juan Williams called Michelle Obama “Stokely Carmichael in a dress”, where was the outrage then?

Last night when Juan Williams was asked to comment on Ann Romney’s speech he said she seemed like a “corporate wife”. His colleauges at Fox were outraged as well as the rest of the right wing world. Many of the Fox crowd are calling for his head, but today while I was driving I thought about a comment he made 4 years ago that made the right wing clap with glee. He described First lady Michelle Obama as “Stokely Carmichael in a dress.” Now that’s an insult. What he said regarding Mrs. Romney was a description and they are boiling mad, but the Stokely Carmichael remark garnered favor. Williams needs to learn that he simply can not bite the hand that feeds him, and last night he forgot. So now he needs to work on his insults for next week where they will be appreciated.

First Lady Obama battles Jimmy Fallon was this appropriate?

We all know that the First Lady Obama is the fitness queen. We admire her ‘Let’s Move’ initiative, but did she go too far last night on the Jimmy Fallon show? Tell me what you think.

The Daily Caller caption calls the first lady hot is this appropriate?

Today is Michelle Obama’s birthday. I was reading The Dailey Caller today and I was struck by one of the captions. It described the first lady as “the hottest THING to sleep in the White House since Marilyn Monroe”. Monroe had an affair with John Kennedy. My question is this a compliment or an insult? Tell me what you think.