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Wonder how many Ferguson looters voted?

We have all heard the phrase “the truth hurts”. It can be very uncomfortable to take a good look at yourself. Last night we saw looters do what they do loot and we saw others set fire to buildings, and vandalize police cars and other businesses. Some were simply angry but others saw it as an opportunity to take what they wanted. Mike Brown was not on their minds as they pillaged a beauty supply store. No this was just criminal activity. This can not be justified or called civil unrest. Call it what it was—crime. As I watched some of the images I wondered how many of these looters voted earlier this month? If you truly want change then you have to vote. Talking does not change a thing. Talking can get you motivated, but motivation never changed any law. Looting will get you free stuff but long term you still have nothing. You don’t like your DA then march to the polls and vote him out, but what we saw in Ferguson will not change anything. In this society change only comes at the ballot box.

The Media and the Mob by Thomas Sowell

Interesting perspective. Read and share your thoughts.

Does Ferguson showcase the generational division in the black community?

Who is leading the young people in the black community? As we watch the conflict in Ferguson we see young people willing to risk tear gas to get their point across. To these young people Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are icons from the past. They are not really relevant figures to the young people. This is the social media generation. They are more comfortable texting than listening to leaders from the past recite rhymes or platitudes. So where do we go from here? What is victory? Will an arrest quell the violence? Since an arrest is not imminent will the unrest simply go on unchecked? No it won’t. The city has to return to normal. People have to go work, children have to go back to school. This has to come to an end, and it will, it will be interesting to see how it ends.

What should the President say about Ferguson?

Has the president said enough about Ferguson? Today black and white pundits are saying that the president simply did not say enough yesterday. The president took a measured approach at his press conference yesterday, but should he have said more, and if so what? Is he damned either way? Share your thoughts.

Is the Press a problem for Ferguson?

Michael Brown’s death is a tragedy. We need to find out the facts and then we will know what the next steps should be, but is the excessive press presence hurting or helping Ferguson? Does the presence of the press lead to more information or does it lead to more mis-information? Share your thoughts.

Is this what civil unrest looks like?

ferguson looters
Write your own caption.

Civil unrest and criminality are not the same thing

Yesterday the name of the police officer who killed Michael Brown was released. The video tape shown above was also released. The tape according the police shows Michael Brown stealing cigars prior to his death. So how does this relate to the shooting of Brown? Does it show that he was a bad guy? It might, but was the stealing of cigars worthy of a death sentence? No. Last night there was more looting in Ferguson and that does not help the situation. Criminal behavior will not yield positive results. The police are being very careful, but their patience will only last for a season. Business owners are now taking arms to protect their businesses and who can blame them? Earlier this morning I heard a reporter say he saw two looters carrying an industrial saw to their car. What does this theft have to do with Brown? Nothing. This is criminal behavior not civil unrest. They are not the same thing.