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Wonder how many Ferguson looters voted?

We have all heard the phrase “the truth hurts”. It can be very uncomfortable to take a good look at yourself. Last night we saw looters do what they do loot and we saw others set fire to buildings, and vandalize police cars and other businesses. Some were simply angry but others saw it as an opportunity to take what they wanted. Mike Brown was not on their minds as they pillaged a beauty supply store. No this was just criminal activity. This can not be justified or called civil unrest. Call it what it was—crime. As I watched some of the images I wondered how many of these looters voted earlier this month? If you truly want change then you have to vote. Talking does not change a thing. Talking can get you motivated, but motivation never changed any law. Looting will get you free stuff but long term you still have nothing. You don’t like your DA then march to the polls and vote him out, but what we saw in Ferguson will not change anything. In this society change only comes at the ballot box.