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Is Rebel Wilson’s depiction of fat women empowering or embarrassing?

Rebel Wilson has a new ABC show, Super Fun Night. She appeared this morning on Kelly and Michael’s show and the clip they showed simply was not funny. She and a slender friend of her’s were singing in a bar and the friend climbed on top of the piano and Wilson was shown doing the same and the clip ended. So did the piano collapse under her weight? That’s funny? The promotional clips have shown her bursting out of her clothing. My question is do you find this kind of humor funny? Does this empower obese women or is this simply another opportunity to make fun of fat people? Share your thoughts.


Donald Trump makes Star Jones the butt of his fat Joke

Donald Trump is known for making controversial remarks, but tonight he made a joke that literally made me stop in my tracks. Nene Leakes one of the members of the women’s team said that some of the women were trying to “get up Star Jones’ ass.” Donald Trump replied well that would be easier now then it was a few years ago. This was in reference to the fact that Jones once weighed 300 pounds. Trump laughed at his fat joke and Jones did too. It was inappropriate, but he is inappropriate so what’s new? There is nothing new, but his humor represents the one group that you can joke without fear of reprecussion. Fat people. You can say what you want and nobody stops you. If Nene Leakes had made the same statement to Jones it would not have been received with laughter, but The Donald can literally say with anything these days.

Did Lee Daniels Insult the Star of ‘Precious’?

 While watching Oprah Winfrey on Friday I was struck by something she said to the star of ‘Precious”, Gabourey Sidibe. Oprah quoting Precious director Lee Daniels said “Gabby speaks like a white girl from the Valley and is so confident that she is either in denial about her physicality or from another planet.” This is insulting on two levels. It is outrageous that Daniels would say it, and it is astounding that Winfrey would repeat it. Sidibe is an obese woman, but the fact that she is confidant in her own skin is not delusional. It is inspiring. Newsflash: not every big woman is a shame of herself. Some obese people actually like themselves. They do not look in the mirror and see someone else like the character Precious did in the movie. They look in the mirror and they like what they see. I might give Lee Daniels a pass on this one, but Winfrey who has struggled with self acceptance should know better. Sidibe has obviously come to love herself. She said she started dieting when she was six years old. In her twenties she finally found self acceptance and she said “One day I had to sit down with myself and decide that I loved myself no matter what my body looked like and what other people thought about my body.” Amen to that.