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What did Ad Week do to Kerry Washington’s photo, and why it matters

kerry washington-adweek
Kerry Washington said she did not recognize herself when she saw the Ad Week cover, but doesn’t a publication have a right to photoshop a photo? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Target’s latest stunt: Lily Pulitzer for Target (limited collection…severely limited)

I fell for the okie doke this morning. I arrived at my local Target at 8AM only to see a line of people on the side of the building waiting to get inside and get their hands on the Lily Pulitzer goodies. They touted fashion and home items. By the time I entered the racks were virtually empty and by the time I left they were. The website crashed and this afternoon Target announced there will be no more Pulitzer for sale this season. So who won? Target did. Sold everything before 9AM. Who lost anyone looking for merchandise this PM. Who won’t be fooled again? Me. Next time they offer designer fashion I will sleep in because I will not fall the the Target okie doke again.

Dolce and Gabbana face backlash for stating their opinion…Elton John calls for boycott

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

The Way We Wore: Black Style Then by Michael McCollom

the way we wore book

In The Way We Wore: Black Style Then, Michael McCollom chronicles African Americans fashion from the 1940s through today. Featuring snapshots of over 150 black men and women’s most unforgettable “style moments”, the book includes personal photographs from the author’s own family and circle of friends including Oprah winfrey, James Baldwin, Iman, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Tracy Reese and countless others. The book is a joyful romp through fashion history. this glorious collection will be a delightful addition to your personal library.

For further information on this great resource contact Sara Rosen, srosen@glitteratiincorporated.com

Dwayne Wade in capri pants suit…fashion forward or fashion flop?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld called Adele fat…is it an insult or a fact?

Designer Karl Lagerfeld called singer Adele fat and he has being taking heat for this observation. He followed up his remark by saying she did have a beautiful face and a wonderful voice, but he still called her fat. Let’s take Lagerfeld out of the equation and just ask the question is stating an obvious fact about a person’s appearance an insult? Tell me what you think.

Newsweek Cover: Diana and Kate, Creative or Creepy?

This week’s Newsweek features a computer generated image of Diana and Kate. Is this creepy or creative? Tell me what you think.

Note to Abercrombie, No 7-Year old Needs a Padded bra

Abercrombie is known for selling sex but now they are marketing a bikini featuring a padded bra to 7 year olds. A 7 year old is still a baby not a smoldering sexpot in need of a garment to enhance her breastline. Too often merchants are oversexualizing clothing for little girls, but the padded bra might be the moment that parents just say no. Under pressure Abercrombie has changed the description from padded to lightly lined, but the point is this is not a marketing strategy that the company needs to pursue.  Have they crossed the line? Tell me what you think.

Kenneth Cole Twitter’s Latest Victim

Twitter allows you to get your message out there quickly and you can also get into a lot of trouble quickly. Kenneth Cole found that out the hard way this morning when he tweeted the following, “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online…KC” . The post included a link to the website. The KC at the end of the tweet indicated it came from Kenneth Cole not a marketing assistant. This comes at a time when people are being killed on the streets of Cairo. Needless to say the tweet was removed within the hour and Cole released an apology via Facebook, but the bigger issue is why didn’t he think this through before he tweeted it? We live in an instant society and instant messaging is a benefit and a detriment. As the old folks used to say “he is old enough to know better.” This was in bad taste.

Kohl’s Pulls “Ghetto Fab” wig from Website

“Kohl’s Corp. pulled a curly wig from its online Halloween offering this week after customers were offended by the “Ghetto fab” name for the product. The wig was part of an extensive array of costumes that Kohl’s is selling online. The merchandise is shipped directly to customers from Buyseasons Inc., a New Berlin online custom retailer. . Kohl’s senior vice president of public relations Vicki Shamion said: “We are both embarrassed and apologize for the offensive nature of the merchandise description. Once it came to our attention, the item was removed from our website immediately. We take full responsibility for Kohl’s messaging, and rest assured it in no way reflects the values of our company which we work hard to embrace in all aspects of our business every day. We have sent personal apologies to our customers and hope they will continue to give us the opportunity to serve them in a professional, respectful manner.” What can you say about this? I always ask when the decision makers are discussing issues are there any people of color in the room, and if so is anyone listening to them?