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Kandi Burress and Fantasia slam Wendy Williams on Bravo TV

This is comical. Last night Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Burress and Fantasia appeared on andy cohen’s late night show. Burress complained about the fact that talk show diva Wendy Williams has said negative things abour her relationship. Basically Burress and Fantasia told Williams to take care of her own relationship. This is downright funny. Burress had a career as a former member of a girl group and she also is a successful songwriter, but she did not truly blow up until she appeared on reality television. Barrino is a product of reality television. Reality television is predicated on drama, and the participants put their business out there for the world to see. When you do this you open up yourself to commentary. In some cases it is positive but you have to prepare for the negative. You can’t simply tell somebody to mind their own business when you get paid to expose your own. Wedy williams does a talk show not a reality show. She can tell us things about her family or her relationship if she so desires, but she does not have to do it her contract does not dictate it. Burress might need to read the fine print on her’s.