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What do you think about Tylenol’s #HowWeFamily campaign?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise by Bulsby Duncan helps you Get Moving

jacob's abc of exercise
While out today I visited a local bookstore and I saw this book being featured along with the author and illustrator. I talked with him a few minutes about the concept and I decided to share the information with the Ebony Mom Politics audience. I have also copied some detailed information about the book from Amazon. Read over it and you decide if this approach to fitness is the right one for your children. FROM AMAZON:
Bulsby Duncan utilizes a unique style of teaching children different elements of fitness through his book “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise”. This book introduces healthy activity unifying each letter of the alphabet and exercise, and is intended to reinforce the importance of being active at an early age. “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise” focuses on the various components of exercise such as: aerobic, abdominal, balance, flexibility, strengthening, and stretching. This book is also geared to assisting in the development of self-esteem, building character, and increasing knowledge of exercise in children to help in the fight against early childhood obesity. Parents and teachers will love how this book allows them to interact with the kids to help them learn ideal ways to be and stay fit. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), one in every three children is obese and weight-related diseases are a result of their lack of activity. To join national movement to reduce childhood obesity, Mr. Duncan created Alphafit. Alphafit promotes healthy lifestyles during early childhood development by stressing the importance of being active. Mr. Duncan knows that children are our future and wants to start with ACTIVITY as a way to head them in the right direction. Grab a towel and some water and get ready to exercise with Jacob!!
for more information visit: http://www.createspace.com/3668643

Volunteering: Helping someone besides the people that live with you

 I lost my job last summer and since that time I have been looking and doing freelance projects. I decided that this was also an excellent time to volunteer to help someone other than the people living in my home. Today I started my volunteer work at a local food bank. I was there for a couple of hours and in that time the agency had serviced a Hispanic family, a white family and a black family. What did they all have in common: the need for food.  Some seemed a little embarrassed to be there. These are people who are used to taking care of their own needs, but now they find themselves reluctantly asking for help. Some of them have been coming for years and they had a slight air of entitlement. It was an eye opener, and I only wished members of Congress could actually spend some time with citizens in need. Perhaps it might be the catalyst needed to do something for the citizens instead of arguing while nothing gets done.