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It’s Ironic that Randi Zuckerberg has Twitter fit over privacy, but doesn’t Facebook encourage users to abandon their’s?

Randi Zuckerberg posted a photo of a family gathering and it ended up on Twitter. Zuckerberg blasted the woman who posted the photo and she had the audacity to admonish her on privacy issues. Zuckerberg might have a point if it was made by someone else, but Facebook asks users to surrender privacy and if you don’t understand their confusing privacy policies you could end up like Randi Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg used her name and status to come down like a ton of bricks on the woman that posted the photoe. It seems that ire should have been directed at one of the people in the photo–her brother, boy genius Mark Zuckerberg. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Sgt. Gary Stein discharged for Offensive Obama Facebook posts

Social media forums have provided us with a platform to speak to people we might never meet, but sometimes that forum can turn around and bite us. Just ask Sgt. Gary Stein who decided to criticize the President on Facebook. His posts have led to him being dishonorably discharged from the Marines. he now says if he could he would take it all back and he would like to apologize to the president, but sadly it is too little, too late.


Florida Teacher of the year, Jerry Buell suspended for Facebook anti-gay remarks…should he have been suspended?

Teacher Jerry Buell has been suspended for anti-gay remarks he posted on his Facebook page. He says that his remarks reflect his interpretation of Biblical teaching. Many of his FB friends unfriended him, but the school system has intervened. Is this a matter for the school system? Tell me what you think.


RNC Targets the College Vote is this ad effective?

In 2008 candidate Barack Obama captured the youth vote, now that he is president has he lost some of his magic? The RNC is targeting the youth vote. Watch the ad and tell me if you think it is effective or not.

Teacher Posted 7-year old student with Jolly Ranchers in her hair on her Facebook page…is this a crime?

“Ukailya Lofton, a student at Overton Elementary School in Chicago, turned up for her school photo on picture day with Jolly Rancher candies tied to her braids after she had seen the style in a magazine. Her computer teacher asked her to pose for a photo with her braids hanging because her husband would not believe it.” The teacher posted the pictures of the 7-year old child on her Facebook page and several of her friends wrote mocking commentaries regarding the child’s hair. Someone who knew the girl’s mother copied the images and the comments on a CD and gave it to the girl’s mother. The mother is considering suing the school system. The teacher had no right to post the child’s image on Facebook, and if she did it for the purpose of mocking the child that’s just plain cruel, but should the school system be held responsible for the activities of the teacher when she is not on duty? Tell me what you think.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1372102/Teacher-faces-lawsuit-taking-picture-pupils-Jolly-Rancher-hairstyle-posting-Facebook-friends-mock.html#ixzz1IHRo10ZQ

Atlanta Students Expelled for Facebook Posting

Three Atlanta students have been either suspended or expelled for posting unflattering remarks about one of their teachers on their Facebook pages. “Twelve-year-old Alejandra Sosa said she regretted posting a Facebook status calling one of her teachers at Chapel Hill Middle School a pedophile. The comment got the honor roll student suspended for 10 days and she is now facing expulsion. I was just expressing myself on Facebook, because like I said I was mad that day because of what he [did]. So, I mean I had no intentions of ruining his reputation,” said Sosa. I shouldn’t have done it,” said student William Lambert, III. Because I could have still been at school, like right now, if I never had commented on the post. Lambert, a seventh grader, was also suspended for calling the same teacher a rapist. The honor student’s father said he didn’t condone the comment but believes that what’s done in the privacy of one’s home should not be the subject of disciplinary action at school. “Because it is a privacy issue. When you’re at home on your computer, a lot of people say a lot of things on Facebook, about a lot of people, including our president, including senators, governors. [I think] the school should write the rules of Facebook into their policy before they try to take rules out of context,” said Lambert’s father, William Lambert, Jr.” My question is does the father have a point is this a privacy issue? Also even though the children say they did not seek to damage the teacher’s reputation didn’t they? Lastly do you think the father is simply trying to give his son a pass? Tell me what you think. http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/dpp/news/douglas-co-students-disciplined-over-facebook-post-030111

Kenneth Cole Twitter’s Latest Victim

Twitter allows you to get your message out there quickly and you can also get into a lot of trouble quickly. Kenneth Cole found that out the hard way this morning when he tweeted the following, “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online…KC” . The post included a link to the website. The KC at the end of the tweet indicated it came from Kenneth Cole not a marketing assistant. This comes at a time when people are being killed on the streets of Cairo. Needless to say the tweet was removed within the hour and Cole released an apology via Facebook, but the bigger issue is why didn’t he think this through before he tweeted it? We live in an instant society and instant messaging is a benefit and a detriment. As the old folks used to say “he is old enough to know better.” This was in bad taste.

Uncle Beats Nephew Over Facebook entry…is this a good thing?


This clip has been making the rounds. Apparently the nephew had created a false “thug” persona on Facebook. The uncle has the boy admit it was in fact false, but the uncle is standing there administering a “whooping” with his pants sagging. You also wonder why didn’t he just have the boy delete the profile without loading this clip on Youtube? It simply leaves me with mixed emotions. Tell me what you think.

Does a Pastor have the right to ask members to give up Facebook?

A New Jersey pastor is telling his members to give up Facebook. He says he has been counselling couples that have re-connected with their exes via Facebook. Pastor Miller says “Because of the problems, he is ordering about 50 married church officials to delete their accounts with the social networking site or resign from their leadership positions. He had previously asked married congregants to share their login information with their spouses and now plans to suggest that they give up Facebook altogether. I’ve been in extended counseling with couples with marital problems because of Facebook for the last year and a half,” he said. “What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great.” So is the pastor right? Tell me what you think.


Why is TMZ publishing Willow Palin’s Facebook page?

This morning I saw a news story about Sarah Palin’s daughter Willow. She wrote some homophobic slurs on her Facebook page. This is appalling. It is appalling that we even know about this. Who released this information to the press. Sadly when young people post on Facebook they feel they are only talking to their friends. They foolishly believe it is a conversation between friends, but sadly that is not the case. Some will try to use the words of her daughter as an indictment against Sarah Palin and that is wrong. All I can say is if you have a teen on Facebbok advise them to be very careful.