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Is it that hard to believe Evelyn Lozada is a victim of domestic violence?

Today I have read stories and watched sport shows discuss the Chad Johnson/Evelyn Lozada domestic violence incident. Johnson has been dropped by the Miami Dolphins and VH1 has announced that the reality show that featured both Johnson and Lozado has been shelved. but what is most disturbing is how so many people can not believe that Lozada is actually a victim. Lozada one of the stars of basketball Wives has been seen throwing bottles at her enemies and in on one case jumping across a table in hot pursuit of another victim. She has been an aggressive sometime violent bully on the show, but does that mean that she can not be victimized? I read a headline on The Grio website that read “Chad Johnson’s family heartbroken over Dolphins split, Lozada incident”. It leaves the reader wondering are they more heartbroken over Johnson’s loss of livilihood or loss of love? Right now we don’t know all the details, but it seems that some people can not picture this reality bully as a victim? Sadly, her reputation precedes her and for some people that’s enough to make them say “wonder what she did for him to head butt her?” What do you think? Can a bully be a victim?

Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after head butting incident

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) has been cut by the Miami Dolphins. This comes after Johnson was arrested for head butting his bride Evelyn Lozada. After the incident Lozada ran to a neighbor’s house for assistance. Some have questioned whether she should have made the incident public. Johnson still sees himself as a superstar, and teams put up with all kinds of bad behavior from their superstars, including domestic violence, but Johnson is a has been and has beens are held to the standard of mere mortals. Mortals are expendable and that is what Johnson was. His coach had warned him earlier about his use of profanity during interviews and Johnson simply was not used to having his behavior questioned, but Saturday night put the period at the end of his tenure in Miami. They dropped him so I guess they will now have to rely on the Basketball Wives checks. Well that’s if they stay together.

Chad Johnson arrested and charged with Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson and his wife Evelyn Lozada of VH1 Basketball Wives love publicity, but not this kind. Well, this morning Johnson is waking up in jail and accused of head butting his bride. She confronted him about a receipt for condoms and a fight ensued. Johnson recently signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins.


Petition to Stop the violence on VH1 hit Basketball Wives

it is ironic that the VH1 show is called Basketball Wives because none of the women are actually married to any basketball players. It showcases a group of social climbing women who are not afraid to throw a punch at each other. The violence is appalling, but people still keep watching. Finally, one former viewer has started a petiton on change. org to stop the violence on the show and to stop VH! from starting the new show that will feature chief bully Evelyn Lozada. Here are the words from the petition: “Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on “Basketball Wives” is horrible and disgraceful. Physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, and harassment. VH1 is rewarding this behavior by giving Evelyn a spinoff. Don’t reward negative behavior. This is not a hate petition against Eveyln Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not ok for women to hit each other on TV. Call or write Viacom who owns VH1. Let your voice be heard!
Email: vh-1viewerservices@vh-1.com
Address: 1515 Broadway, New York, New York 10036, U.S.A.
Telephone: (212) 258-6000
Fax: (212) 258-6464
Please visit Petition Updates for the latest news and updates. Thank you to everyone for making your points without the use of profanity. We’re all about positive change.”
So far this petition has garnered close to 25,000 signatures. It might not stop the production of the show, but it’s got people talking.