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Southern Baptist official Richard Land accuses President Obama of using the Trayvon Martin case

Richard Land is accusing President Obama of politicizing the death of Trayvon Martin. Land contends that the president is using this case to “gin up” the base. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Did 700 Club Pat Robertson wish an injury on Peyton Manning?

The Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow. The Broncos had the chance to get peyton manning and they took it. Tebow had a good year last year but he is no Peyton Manning. this was a sound business decision, but Pat Robertson has a problem with it. Roberston said it would serve manning right if he got re-injured. Is this anyway for a man of God to talk? I mean WWJD? Not this. Maybe it is time for Robertson to step away from the microphone.

Kirk Cameron Stands His Ground on the Today Show

Kirk Cameron is a born again Christian. he makes no apologies for his beliefs. Most people know where he stands on homosexuality. he believes it is unnatural and wrong. A few weeks ago he appeared on CNN Piers Morgan’s show and he was asked about his beliefs and he repeated his long held beleifs. Morgan got the response that he wanted and it created a mini-firestorm. This morning Ann Curry interviewed him on the Today Show and asked why does he say these things when he knows they will upset some people. He says these because he believes them. Cameron is not advocating violence towards gays, but he does have a right as an American to speak his mind. Some in the gay community compare their struggle to the civil rights movement. There were people who were against the civil rights laws passed in the 60s, and they were verbal with their dislike, but the laws still passed and they had to be enforced. Gay legislation is passing in this country now and if it is law it has to be enforced, but that does not mean everybody is going to like it and some will continue to fight against it, and as Americans that is their right. So like it or not Kirk Cameron does have a right to speak especially when someone asks him a question.

Why does America seem to hate Tim Tebow?

I have seen and heard Tim Tebow mocked on sports shows, political talk shows, comedy shows basically everywhere but why? The link is an excellent article explaining why Tebow is a good guy, good football player who tries to be a good Christian and why he is seemingly depised for trying to be good. Read it and tell me what you think.


Did McCain Hear the Questions Last Night Before He Took the Stage?

Last night Rick Warren said that McCain was in the “cone of silence” while Barack Obama was being questioned.What we learned is that he was not in the building during the initial questioning. He was actually on his way to the venue. So we trust he did not hear any of the questions in advance, but we did notice he was answering some questions even before Warren finished asking tham and he also brought up some subjects prior to Warren bringing them up. When asked about this Warren said, “I trust the integrity of both” candidates, and said he “knew they would abide by the rules.” He joked McCain may not have been in the cone of silence, but “he was in the cone of a Secret Service motorcade”. Warren told CNN Sunday evening, “we flat out asked him” if he heard any of the questions. The McCain campaign “confirmed that McCain did not hear or see any of the broadcast” in the motorcade or after he arrived. So we have to trust they are telling the truth. We simply say there has to be a first time for everything.

Obama and McCain’s Saddleback Conversation

“We all want America to be a better place’ these were the last words said by Pastor Rick Warren tonight.  Both candidates had an hour to answer questions from Pastor Rick. He asked each of them the same questions, but we got an opportunity to see how very differently they approach situations. Obama tends to think things through before responding and McCain tends to have quick direct responses that emanate from the gut.  Obama actually engaged the host in a real conversation and McCain talked to the audience and did not engage the host. McCain was a man with a mission and that was to repeat the things that he says on the stump. We did not get a clear view of who he is a man and for him that was not his mission. One of the questions that showed their stark contrasts was “is there evil in the world?’. Obama seemingly talked about evil without personalizes it to an individual, whereas McCain started talking about Osama Bin Laden and terrorist extremists. It is true that Bin Laden is evil, but I found this perspective interesting that almost all his answers somehow could be tied back to his POW years or Iraq. The other question that garnered an interesting response was “what existing Supreme Court Justice would you not have appointed?” Obama said Clarence Thomas. Thomas is the only African-American on the bench so it was a little jarring that this was the justice that he would select, but he explained that he did not think he was intellectually bright enough for the bench. McCain’s response included every liberal mind on the bench. McCain’s response is in keeping with his attitude of my way or the highway. So what did we learn tonight? We got the rare opportunity to see how the two men approach problems. Obama is given to thoughtful reflection before responding and McCain is much more reactive. What scares me about McCain is his approach seems a lot like George Bush. A very definate point of view that separates good from evil and sees no in between and that is the attitude that took us into Iraq. He has an answer before he even hears a question. America has a choice to make which approach is the best choice for a better America.

Rick Warren is Not a Journalist, and That’s Good

Rick Warren has done what journalists have been unable to do. He will have Barack Obama and John McCain under the same roof answering questions about what they will do if they are elected. I am looking forward to this forum because Rick Warren does not have an ax to grind, and he is not looking for a “gotcha” moment.  I am not naive everyone has an agenda and he has one too, but having the two of them at Saddleback solidifies his position as one of the most prominent ministers in America.  In the past he has shown Republican leanings, but he is not a member of the radical right. He has already arrived so he is not going to use either of them as a diving board into the bigtime. I have read his book Purpose Driven Life twice. In his book from the very opening he states “It is not about me”. This is what I hope Warren will keep in mind tomorrow. It is not about him it is about us, and hopefully we can look forward to real conversation with both candidates and not a night of snippets from their stump speeches. Warren is not a journalist and this case I believe this is a good thing.

Republicans Don’t Even Like McCain

Yesterday influential conservative, evangelical James Dobson said he might vote for john McCain. it was not a rousing endorsement it was more like choosing between the worse of two evils. Pundits were asking what can the McCain camp do with this statement? The answer is nothing. What would an ad say? Powerful Evangelical Finally Decides to Back McCain Because He Dislikes Him the Least . It seems more like the sentiment is anybody but Obama. The Republicans are just not enamored with their candidate, but one wonders if he is this unpopular with his base why are the polls so close? When I watch McCain make gaffe after gaffe on the campaign trail I say I can not believe that this man has a real shot at being the president. It is almost like the Republicans are collectively holding their nose and saying this is our guy. Nancy Reagan had another tepid endorsement of McCain. She said “well he’s the nominee.” It was more of a statement than an endorsement.  This fall American voters need to vote for someone who inspires them, not someone who is not even his own party’s first choice.

James Dobson Has no Love for Barack Obama

The Obama campaign continues to reach out to evangelicals, but the fact is they have no intention of reaching back. The evangelicals might not love John McCain, but judging from James Dobson’s harsh assessment of Barack Obama it is safe to say he hates him.  Dobson said “I think he’s deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology,” He went on to say . “… He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter.” Focus on the Family is a conservative group and they are not going to support Barack Obama under any set of circumstances, and by courting them it only gives them an opportunity to direct their unbridled criticism at the Senator. James Dobson has even said he might sit this presidential election out so the Obama team need to spend their time on fertile ground not on futile efforts.