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Carl Stokes says calling Baltimore children “thugs” Is just like calling them the n-word

Councilman Carl Stokes got into a spirited exchange with CNN Erin Burnett last night. Stokes objects to calling the teenage criminals that were throwing stones and rocks at police and looting stores thugs. He equates thugs with the word nigger. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

MSNBC Anchor Erin Burnett Mocks Prayer for the Auto Industry

In recent weeks we have seen the stock market plummet and now we are witnessing the downfall of the auto industry. We have heard that times are bad but we are not hearing many solutions. Today on MSNBC on Morning Joe they talked about a church in Detroit that literally put SUVs on the altar yesterday and prayed for the auto industry. Erin Burnett showed a picture of the SUVs and flippantly said they were praying to the “God of the SUV”. This was such a condescending remark not predicated on facts. They were not praying to the “God of the SUVs” they were praying to God and that should not be mocked. As we face increasingly tough times we will see more and more people turning to prayer because as we can plainly see man really is running out of solutions.