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Gospel Duo Mary Mary Speaks with JET Magazineon Maintaining Faith Amidst Family Drama

CHICAGO, Ill. (February 14, 2013) — Mary Mary sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell, grace the cover of JET magazine as they prepare for the debut of the third season of their hit reality series, scheduled to premiere February 27 on WEtv.The two sisters gave JET magazine the exclusive details on what to expect from the series as well as intimate insight on how they managed to undertake some of the toughest trials and tribulations of their lives.“You see our faith shine, but it was not easy at all– and it won’t look easy watching it,” said Erica about the series. “A lot of people will see themselves. There was so much damage and yet still so much work to be done. I learned that every wound doesn’t have to leave a scar that remains for the rest of your life.”
While known for spreading the gospel of encouragement, the Campbell sisters reveal that they are also in need of uplifting as Tina handles her husband’s infidelity, Erica ruptures her vocal cords and both sisters cope with their father’s untimely passing. The relationship with their manager, Mitchell Solarek, also begins to take a tumultuous turn, proving that the sentiment “when it rains it pours” holds true. “I still believe in God and love,” Tina said as she referenced her personal battles. “I will not live in the horrible space of ‘I’m going to fix him’ or ‘I hate men and marriage.’ You do that for a moment and realize it doesn’t undo anything.” Erica, however, goes on the record that her sister will always have her to lean on, no matter what she is going through. “I’ve always been her protector,” said Erica. “We are ride or die for each other. When she hurts, I hurt.” As Tina shares how she’s moving on, she says, “I’ve tried to have all the answers and my life became filled with chaos and anxiety. So now I don’t go overboard thinking I must have things right all the time.” Currently Tina is working on a book of devotionals and Erica’s solo album, Help, is scheduled for release on March 25.Readers can read the article in its entirety and more in the March 10 issue of JET magazine, on newsstands February 17th.

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