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Are politicians worse or is technology better?

Eric Massa, Larry Craig, John Edwards and David Vitter, this bipartisan team of politicians have all been involved in some type of sex scandal. When you look at our current politicians you simply have to shake your head. Are politicians worse than they were back in the day? Let’s look at the Kennedy clan. John and Robert were rumored to have both bedded Marilyn Monroe, but the public did not hear of their escapades until they both were buried. Their younger brother Ted was involved in a car accident that left a young woman dead. Richard Nixon did not engage in sexploits, but over the past few years we have heard tapes of conversations in his White House that revealed a president that simply did not like black people, but again he too was dead as these revelations were revealed to the public.  The patron saint of black people Martin Luther King who was not a politician, but a public figure, was known to have had a weakness for the ladies. The FBI even tried to blackmail him with information they had gathered regarding his extramarital affairs, but few in the public knew of King’s proclivities. None of the aforementioned men would have been able to carry on like this in this technologically savvy society. Everybody and their brother has a cell phone even the cheapest Trac phone now has a camera. Twitter allows people to instantly transmit a message that can be read by millions. It is impossible to keep a secret in our society. So is our society better?

Crazy Meets Crazier: Glenn Beck Attempts to Interview Rep. Eric Massa

Rep. Eric Massa had announced he was resigning from his seat in Congress. He has given a variety of reasons: cancer reoccurance, inappropriate behavior with staff and most recently he was forced out by his own party. The Democrats were forcing out one of their own. Why? He did not support the healthcare bill. Well this made Glenn Beck’s ears stand up like a dolberman pinscher. Get that man on the show. Finally we can have one of his own bash him. It was time for some good ole Obama bashing, but what they failed to do is vett this guy. Massa proved to be quite the foil for Beck. Beck finally got the opportunity to look into the eyes of crazy and not be looking into a mirror and it was great. Beck had to apologize to his audience at the end of the show for wasting their time. Maybe he should end all his telecast the same way.