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The Scandal Abortion Was a Surprise but why?

Thursday night Scandal’s main character Olivia Pope had an abortion. Silent Night was the song that played during the procedure. It was sad but not surprising. Pope is the most loved side chick in the galaxy. We have watched her antics and often celebrated them so why are we surprised when the storyline went left? I have posted a blog post from author Sophia A. Nelson. Read it and share your thoughts.


A Charlie Brown Christmas was truly sad

peanut's Christmas
Christmas Eve we decided to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Have you watched it lately? It is hard to listen to the abuse Charlie Brown suffers in the name of comedy. The phrase “with friends like these who needs enemies” is so appropriate for Brown. After hearing the abuse he suffers on the daily it is no surprise that he tries Dr. Lucy’s medicine for support. As a child I just enjoyed seeing a cartton special during primetime, but as an adult one has to feel sorry for Brown even when the group finally gets the real meaning of the season. share your thoughts.

Stove Top Scurvy Commerical is Hilarious

Will Adrian Peterson return to the NFL?

Adrian Peterson has pleaded to a lesser charge and he will not face any jail time. Should he be allowed to return to the NFL? Share your thoughts.


The Two Ways out of the Neighborhood…which one did you choose?

Interesting article. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Should Miss America Kira Kazantsev keep her crown?

Miss America Kira Kazantsev has admitted that she was kicked out of her sorority for hazing violations. This happened last year. Should she be allowed to keep her crown? Share your thoughts.


Alaska Reporter quits in a profane way

Share your thoughts.

Why is America fascinated with the Kardashians?

Interesting article. Share your thoughts.


The Fall of Bob McDonnell…from rising star to convicted felon

Interesting article:

Washington Post columnist says movies like Neighbors may have influenced CA killer…is this fair?

Read the column that lit up the Internet. columnist claims movies like “Neighbors” might have set off the latest mass murderer. does she have a point or this simplistic drivel?