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Employers Starting to Exclude the Unemployed from the Job Pool

“Throughout its 45 year history, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) has identified and remedied discrimination in hiring and remains committed to ensuring job applicants are treated fairly,” said EEOC Chair Jacqueline A. Berrien.  “Today’s meeting gave the Commission an important opportunity to learn about the emerging practice of excluding unemployed persons from applicant pools.”  So now you need to have a job to get a job. Unemployment is high 8% nationwide and 15% in the black community. Some employers are even putting the exclusion on their ads. It’s just another hurdle in the job search. Finding a job in this climate is like capturing a unicorn, and this new trend makes it even harder if that is in fact possible.

Are Things So bad We Will Work for Free?

 I lost my job last summer and since that time I have been looking for one. One thing that I have noticed is there are a lot of job openings for interns. In the past the intern position was a learning position. A student would work with an experienced worker and learn how to do the job, but now when you look at the job description for an intern it really is the description of a real job. It a chance for an employer to get a free worker. So the experienced worker is out of luck because now employers have an opportunity to get free labor.

Is it Better to Be Sad with a Job or Sad Without?

The summer of 2009 could be called the summer of sadness. In my entire working life I have never seen so many people losing their jobs. I know it is personal because I lost my job a week ago, but the thing that is different in this season is the people who still have their jobs are equally miserable. My friends dread going to work because they simply don’t know what new form of torture awaits them. Will it be a pay cut, more hours, additional work or will the staff be slashed. We live in the age of apprehension. You simply don’t know what will happen next, but you can bet it won’t be good. So to answer the question it is probably better to be sad with a job because you at least have the money to do something that makes you smile, and smiling in this economy is becoming a rarity.

Employers Gone Wild!!!!!

Everybody is familiar with the Girls Gone Wild series. College and high school girls are running wild and semi-naked on the beach. There is drinking and carousing in a hedonistic atmosphere. It is an anything goes situation and that is what we are witnessing in the employment arena. Companies now know that jobs are tight and they can do anything they want to the workers. They know if you quit there are at least 100 people waiting to replace you the very next day. One of my friends told me that her employer had a quick huddle with them and said the workers healthcare costs were going up, and now the employee contribution would be double of what it had been. In the past news like this would have warranted some discussion and some clarification, but in this case it was a simple edict. Another friend’s company had sent part of the work to a foreign country to cut the cost of paying American workers. Now that country is under siege and some of the work might be coming stateside so get ready to pick up the slack. The employer has all the marbles and he is not inclined to play fair because he does not have to. So this is the age of the employer. They write the rules and they can re-write them anytime they get good and ready, and judging from what I see they are rewriting them as you read this post.