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Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo Says we don’t need the NAACP Awards, is she right?

This morning the ladies of The View tackled interracial relationships. The conversation was sparked by a remark Jill Scott made to Essence.com. Scott said when she sees an interracial couple she winces inside. The ladies said she had a right to her opinion, but Whoopi Goldberg took particular offense to the comment. Sherri Sheppard contended that white women had been so revered for so long that brothers almost feel like they have achieved something when they are involved with a white woman. Sheppard basically said this goes back to slavery. Goldberg said this is 100 years after slavery and we needed to get over it. The conversation took another turn when Ellen Pompeo of Grey’s Anatomy who is married to a black man entered the discussion. Pompeo said there is too much separation of the races. She asked why do we have the NAACP awards and she went on to question the need for black colleges. At that point Sheppard said we do need black colleges and she steered her to another topic. So tell me what you think. Should there be NAACP awards or does it promote separatism? Do we still need black colleges?