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Joe Biden please don’t take the bait

If you are listening to the news lately you would believe that Joe Biden is what the world needs now. People are waiting with baited breath wondering will he or won’t he. he is smiling and speaking to adoring audiences. Is he the man the Democrats are looking for? is he the Hillary Clinton slayer? Is he waiting for the GOP and the media to finish plucking her to death so that he can walk over her dead carcass. So what will happen if Clinton’s fall from grace is permanent? Will Biden be the aanswer? No, the media and the GOP are sitting with their fingers on the button waiting to run the Biden Bloopers and he will never be an occupant of the White House. He is a diversion anointed by the media and if he steps off his perch the stoning will begin even if Elizabeth Warren is in the mix.

Scott Brown’s staff leads Indian chant against Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has claimed to have an Indian heritage. This fact has been questioned, but yesterday her opponent Scott Brown’s staff took it to another level. Share your thoughts.

Elizabeth Warren threw out the first “woof cookie” and Scott Brown threw it back, this should be the end of story, but it is not

Wednesday night Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren took a swipe at Senator Scott Brown. A reporter prefaced his question by saying Brown posed for Playgirl to finance his college education and then he asked her how did she finance her education. She replied “I didn’t take my clothes off”. As a kid we called this a “woof cookie” now it might be called a zinger. Now when you lob a zinger you should expect a like zinger to come your way. When Scott Brown was on a local radio station they asked him about the comment and the fact that Warren said she kept her clothes on and Brown replied “Thank God.” Some women’s groups are going after Brown saying his comment hit below the belt. Well maybe it did but Warren started it. Her comment was a putdown of Brown and she should have expected a retaliation. Now Warren is not the one leading the charge against him on this issue other groups like NOW and Emily’s List are the ones making this an issue. There are times when something is a genuine issue but this does not qualify as that. If you are going to run with the big dogs you better learn how to bite back and do it without tears. Warren took a bite out of Brown and Brown simply bit back.

Elizabeth Warren says nobody got rich on their own, do you agree?

Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate. This past weekend she did som plain talking. She said nobody got rich on their own and then she proceeds to say why. Watch the clip and tell me what you think.