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Eilsabeth Hasselbeck asks why is Black Lives Matter not classified as a hate group

Do you think Black Lives matter is a hate group? Share your thoughts.

Has ABC The View lost its way?

Have you seen The View lately? Well in a word it is sad. There is no chemistry it is just 4 women attempting to give the audience the appearance of camaraderie. Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are gone and sorely missed. I used to find both of them at times too partisan, but they had a real point of view. Now we are left with Whoopi, Barbara, Sherri and the newbie Jenny McCarthy. Not a good mix and this week Brad Garrett is the guest co-host and he literally looks like the bull in the china shop. The show has lost more than two co-hosts. It has lost its mojo. It might be time to put a fork in it or it might be simpler for me to just turn the channel.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is NOT leaving The View

Friday US Magazine said Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being fired from The View. This morning The View crew said that’s a lie. She is staying with the show and her opinion is in fact appreciated. I don’t share Hasselbeck’s views but I do think she should have a seat at the table. If everyone agrees there is no discussion and shows like The View need to espouse more than one point of view.

Bill Maher’s Responds to Hasselbeck on the Letterman Show

Bill Maher responded to his royal treatment on The View yesterday. It is so typical of Maher to relate one story, and in the process of doing that say something even more offensive. The joke regarding Penn State was not funny on any level. Maher is despicable and he is nobody’s victim, but Hasselbeck succeeded in making him look like one yesterday.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes Bill Maher Squirm on The View

Bill Maher appeared The View this morning and it was uncomfortable for him, and uncomfortable for the viewers to watch. Last February he told a joke on his show regarding resident conservative host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Maher said in his New Rules segment back in February: “now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” The joke was in very poor taste, but Maher has made a fortune saying things in very poor taste. He was on The View today to talk about his book, but that got lost in the exchange between he and Hasselbeck. He did not apologize and she did not let up. I think she had a right to confront him, but at a point the question becomes why is he on the show? This did not make for good television it just seemed a little high schoolish, and Hasselbeck in her effort to embarrass him ended up also embarrassing herself.
To Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-02-07/entertainment/29984611_1_lara-logan-joy-behar-bill-maher#ixzz1dnKzvjha

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Says its Time to Play the Race Card

ABC The View’s Whoopi Goldberg said today what a lot of us are thinking. She said it is time to play the race card.  Watch the clip and tell me what you think.

The View’s Joy Behar owes Sharron Angle an apology

The View crew is an interesting bunch of ladies. A couple of weeks ago Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walked off the stage because they were so offended by what Bill O’Reilly said. Behar said she stood in the face of hate, but why didn’t she stand against hate this morning? She couldn’t because she was the one spewing it. She called Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle a “bitch”, and later she said Angle was going to hell. So what did her cohorts do they laughed and made small talk no one called her on. No one said it was a shame for one woman to refer to another with this slur. Behar should be reprimanded for her outburst. She has a right to disagree with the positions Angle takes on the issues but calling her a bitch crosses the line that too many people are crossing. A couple of weeks ago Behar was riding so very high on her moral high horse well today she fell into the gutter and she came up spewing garbage. Shame on you Joy!

Whoopi Goldberg Says Despite the Racist Rant Mel Gibson is Not a Racist

On The View today the ladies discussed Mel Gibson’s latest rant. Joy Behar called him a racist, and Whoopi Goldberg defended him. She did not defend what he said but defended him as a person. She said he is her  friend and she has spent time with him, and she does not consider him a racist. What does it take to be classified as a racist these days? Can you tell racist jokes and still not be racist? Or if you tell racist jokes and have black friends does that preclude you from being called a racist? In the 50s and 60s when southerners were releasing dogs on peaceful protesters was that racist or were they defending the existing law of the time. Tell me what you think. Is Mel Gibson a racist?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Gives Tearful Apology to Erin Andrews

Yesterday on The View Elisabeth Hasselbeck commented on the clothing or lack of clothing worn on Dancing with the Stars by Erin Andrews. A few months ago a man was convicted of stalking Andrews. Hasselbeck said maybe if he had waited a couple of months he would not have had to stalk her since she was showing so much skin during her dance routines. The comment was ignorant because ia assigns guilt to the victim. Stalkers don’t go after people because of their clothing choices. When she said it I was bothered by the comment, but today Hasselbeck apologized for the comment and I give her credit for doing it. We live in a world where we pay people to talk and sometimes talking gets them in trouble and this was one of those times.

You Know its Bad when Elisabeth Hasselbeck Criticizes Sarah Palin

Today on The View resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticized one her heros, Sarah Palin. Palin has placed this map on her Facebook page that uses crosshairs to show the districts that they will be challenging. It is fine to target the districts that she wants to claim for her party, but the imagery used to depict them is dangerous. The rhetoric has been hot and this is designed to stir the passions of the faithful. Hasselbeck has been the conservative voice amid the liberal ladies of The View. Today Hasselbeck took a bold step that many of the Republican leaders have been afraid to do. She spoke out forcefully against this and that took courage. When she expressed her disappointment of Palin’s actions we know that this can not be dismissed as the overreaction of sensitive liberals, this kind of thing is disturbing to most Americans.