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The Latest Kardashian Foolishness: Kylie Jenner Challenge

Too crazy. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


E Network Defends Decision to Rerun the Kardashian Wedding

It is impossible to escape the Kardashian debacle. It is everywhere. the news networks, the entertainment networks, and the talk shows. We have seen Kim look pathetic as she laments the end of the marriage and asks for privacy and time to heal. Really??? This from a woman who burst into the public conscience via a sex tape. The marriage lasted for 72 days. Now E has announced that it wil re-air the event next week. Is that so bad? No, because this is reality televsion where nothing is really real. So next week viewers will get another opportunity to watch this spectacle of excess, but this time no one will wonder whether this couple will have a happy ending we all know how it ends…divorce court. Oh, that’s an idea maybe they can appear on Divorce Court.