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NBC Professional Nancy Snyderman wants to take the “Christ” out of Christmas

This morning on the Today Show “Professionals segment”, Matt Lauer led the discussion of outsourcing some of the tasks associated with Christmas. He said that you can get people to pick your tree, decorate your tree, write out your Christmas cards etc. He then asked Star Jones,  Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman to comment on it. Jones said that she honors the religious aspect of the holiday and then Snyderman said that’s the part of the holiday that bugs to which Jones replied “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” Lauer seemed a little taken aback by Snyderman’s remark. The question is do you spend any time honoring the reason for the season or is it just an opportunity to get and give gifts? Share your thoughts.




When Mark Zuckerberg wears a hoodie he’s a genius, but when Trayvon Martin wore one he was a hoodlum…what’s the difference?

This morning on the Today Show Star Jones said something that I had been discussing with my husband the other day. Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg loves his hoodie. He wears them everywhere. He had to be told to ditch it when he went to a meeting at the White House, but he is viewed as a talented genius. Even if he pulls it up he is not seen as a criminal, but when Trayvon Martin wore that same article of clothing he was viewed as a criminal. The hoodie was demonized. Well not the hoodie but the person wearing the hoodie. When Jones articulated this point Donny Deutsch said why do you have to make this into a black white issue? Why because it is.

NBC Professional Donny Deutsch asks are we elevating the black problem?

I was watching the Today Show and Matt Lauer was discussing the Trayvon Martin case with “The Professionals”, Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Lauer read a passage of an article written by Toure for Time magazine about how to talk to young black boys about the Trayvon Martin case. After he read it Deutsch asked are we elevating the fear level. Aren’t there black men who do not walk in fear. He talked about how his eight year old daughter has an African American friend and she nor her friend sees race. That’s great, but Deutsch has never had to face the hard truths of black manhood, because he is not a black man, and these things are not discussed on the national stage until there is a black incident that allows for a limited discussion. It is also interesting that he would look at it as somehow over the top or elevated because black men are articulating their truths not his. I have a link to the Toure article. Tell me what you think.