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Why would Donna Brazile ruin her reputation for Hillary Clinton?

Donna Brazile finally admitted that she forwarded debate questions to Hillary Clinton. She had been accused of this during the summer but she made her admission yesterday. The question is why? Why would you give up your good reputation by doing something this stupid. Hillary Clinton has moved on but Brazile’s reputation is damaged. America believes in comebacks and hopefully brazile will get one.


Donna Brazile takes a shot at the Iron Lady…is it too soon?

This is from Donna Brazile’s Twitter feed: Donna Brazileā€@donnabrazile1h
Okay, what did the #ironlady do to advance Great
Britain and the world? Did she leave lasting footprints for women in politics? #justsayin

I am not going to debate the validity of her argument I am going to ask about the timing. Is it too soon to criticize the dead? Margret Thatcher died today can the critiques wait? Share your thoughts.

Karl Rove tells Donna Brazile that she “owes him some fried chicken”, and its not a problem

This morning while we were watching This Week with George Stephanopoulos we witnessed some comic banter between Donna Brazile and Karl Rove. Brazile told Rove that he owed her some chili and Rove told her that she owed him some fried chicken. Most people watching the show saw two people who know each other well. He obviously makes good chili and she makes good chicken. Nothing racial or sinister here, but the mere mention of fried chicken and black woman in the same sentence will send the race hawks off the roof. So you heard it hear first Rove meant no harm.