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President Trump is a new kind of president, the rude kind

Jeb Bush said it best when he called Donald Trump a chaos candidate and he said if he was elected he would be a chaos president. No truer words have been said. We have a president without self control who has weaponized Twitter. He has used his 140 characters to insult US citizens, foreign leaders, members of the Democratic party and members of his own party, but no one can stop him. He has reduced his staff to trying to explain the unexplainable. We have seen his spokespeople try in vain to justify whatever lunacy he chooses to type. Trump is the emperor with no clothes. His staff continues to marvel at his attire but the rest of us see a “naked” president who is exposes himself to the world, and the world is not afraid to say what they really see.

Kathy Griffin was wrong, and she apologized when will he?

In this country we respect the office of the president even if we did not vote for the current occupant. When Kathy Griffin posted a picture on Twitter of her holding the severed, “bloody head” of Donald Trump. She was condemned on the right and the left. She lost her New Year’s Eve gig on CNN. The Trump family voiced their disapproval via Twitter. She has apologized to a man who never apologizes. He has insulted John McCain, Ted Cruz’ wife and father, Carly Fiorina’s looks, President Barack Obama’s citizenship and let s not forget the Access Hollywood tape. Griffin owed him an apology but America is still waiting for one from him.

Chaos Candidate is a Chaos President

Jeb Bush called Donald Trump a chaos candidate and now that candidate is leader of the free world. Every day is a new crisis. How long can we go on like this? We are hearing words like obstruction of justice, cover up and even impeachment. Is this simply Wishful thinking from the Democrats or are we really seeing the beginning of the end. Share your thoughts.

Was the firing of FBI Director Comey an abuse of power?

Interesting perspective:

Hillary Clinton needs to move on

Yesterday, I listened to Hillary Clinton say if the election had been held on October 27th she would have been elected president. This is flawed logic from a flawed candidate. She lost. No team wins a game just because they have a half time lead. The game is only half way over. Clinton is clinging to whys that make her comfortable with the loss. She never had a message that stuck. She simply discredited her opponent and that simply was not enough. She failed to visit the states she should have won. She just simply refuses to accept the facts. This does not negate the Russian interference, but Clinton needs to move on and let us do the same.

Sarah Palin and her Posse visit the White House and the mocking does not stop

A picture is worth a thousand words. This cast of characters visited the President. Write a caption for this picture.

Sean Spicer apologized, but is that enough?

Sean Spicer apologized for his insensitive, ignorant comments he made at his press conference. Some are calling for him to be fired but should he lose his job? This is not the first time Spicer has proven to be an inadequate spokesperson. Should this guy continue to be the face of the administration or is it time to say enough is enough. Share your thoughts.

Trump Says Bill O’Reilly Didn’t do anything wrong, but he paid 13 million dollars to women who said he did

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

A Polarized Nation…what can we do about it?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Sean Spicer defines the difference between Trump golfing and Obama golfing, and it is ridiculous

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.