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COGIC Minister Arrested for Raping 16 year old Girl Allowed to Stay in Pulpit

 This morning I read a story on the Gay Christian Movement website hosted by DL Foster. “The Memphis Commercial Appeal broke the story yesterday. Minister Dwayne Wilson of the St Mark COGIC (Church of God in Christ) in Memphis was arrested and charged with statutory rape of a 16 year female member of the church’s choir where he served as music minister.” If that is not egregious enough the pastor has refused to remove him from his position in the church. Ronald Rolfe, the church’s pastor refused to remove Wilson from his position saying that the Bible calls for us to love and forgive. “The word of God teaches us to forgive and to pray,” said Rolfe. “The best thing I can do as a clergyman is to extend God’s hands of forgiveness.” As a Christian I believe in forgiveness and judge ye not that you be not judged, but in this case the girl’s father chased the alleged rapist out of his house and he subsequently hid from the police. If nothing else this guy needs to be silent until this matter is adjudicated. “The girl’s father said he and his wife found a man in their daughter’s bed at about 1:45 a.m. on Nov. 17. The man fled but was arrested soon after by police. Officers found his keys in the bedroom and Wilson lying on the floor of a Toyota parked down the block, according to the police affidavit. The teenager told officers that she had sent Wilson a text message earlier that evening inviting him to sneak into the house, the report stated.” There are all kinds of people in the church and everyone that claims to be saved is not if what is alleged proves to be factual this guy will do jail time and to have a pastor refuse to sit him down might not be criminal, but it is wrong and if I were a member I would be looking for a new church home.