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Today Show Crew Jokes About Digital Conversion

Television as we have known it is about to change. All television will be digital in February. Americans who have cable or Direct TV will not experience any changes, but those that depend on rabbit ear antennas must get a conversion box or they will not be able to receive a signal. The government was offering coupons to assist citizens with the purchase of the conversion box, but they recently ran out of coupons. So the Senate has voted to extend the deadline to June. The House will also have to vote on the extension. This morning Matt Lauer read the story and made the comment that some people are still not ready and Al Roker said we’ve just been talking about it for 2 years.  This is the reaction of the “haves” to the plight of the “have nots”. There are people in this country that live from paycheck to paycheck. They can barely cover their basic day to day needs so to purchase a conversion box to just watch free television could be viewed as an economic burden. True maybe there have been two years of telling the public of the digital switch but when you are struggling to feed your family that digital conversion box is simply not one’s number one priority.