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Watching Sunday’s debate was like swimming in the sewer

Watching the debate Sunday night was like taking a dip in the sewer. After watching it I could not sleep so I for one am done. I know that I am voting for Hillary Clinton so there is no benefit in watching this debate debacle. I don’t need to see a parade of “other women”. Since the Tiger Woods situation there has been an elevation of the other women. They have been portrayed a victims when they were really participants. These women like the Clinton women knew this man had a wife so they made a decision to have an affair with a married man, and Donald Trump attempted to smear Hillary Clinton for being on the attack mode toward women who sought to destroy her marriage. Really? No,this is too much for me and I like to swim in clean water.

What did we learn from the Democratic debates last night?

In 2008 Hillary Clinton ran for president, but she ran as the candidate with experience. She did not tout the fact that she would be the first female president, but this time she is leading with that fact. What changed? Is experience secondary to gender this election cycle? We also saw Martin O’Malley try to tout his experience as a Baltimore mayor in spite of how his zero tolerance policies are still hurting the city. We learned Bernie Sanders is sick of hearing about Clinton’s email controversy, and he hates income inequality, and we learned there were two unidentified men on both ends of the stage. The question is could you trust any of the 3 or 5 people on stage to be president.