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NBC …a gang of hypocrites?

Billy Bush will probably lose his job at NBC. He was the hype man for Donald Trump’s profane tirade. He laughed and told the actress to give “The Donald” a hug when they disembarked the bus. NBC has suspended Bush and the talk on the street is that he will be fired. Keep in mind NBC is the network that gave Trump free reign when he started his birther assault on the President. He was a frequent guest on the Today Show and they let him spew his birther talk on every visit. Now they are firing Bush. Keep in mind this is the same network that found a place for Brian Williams on their sister station MSNBC. So let’s get real if Bush is fired it won’t be for this it will simply be they wanted to get rid of him.

The Last Thing We Need is Another Debate

Sen.  Clinton has agreed to another debate before the North Carolina primary, Sen. Obama says 21 is enough. After last Thursday’s debacle I tend to believe we have heard enough. As Sen. Obama said they have debated so much they could probably say each other’s talking points.  I believe we have heard enough about Rev. Wright, “bittergate” and the Bosnia fiasco. We want to know what will they do about the real issues that affect real Americans. These are not the things that create sensational headlines or give rise to “gotcha” moments, but these are the things Americans care about. We want to hear the things that make them different. We want to know how they will defeat Sen McCain. We want more than sound bits we want solutions. We don’t need grandstanding journalists posing questions that only push their own personal agendas. We believe they both love America and that is why they are running for president so no more flag pin questions. If we can not have an intelligent dialogue let’s just move on and concede enough is enough.

Once you Say It you Can’t Take It Back

I watched the Democratic debate last night in South Carolina. It was like an accident—Hard to look at, but also hard to look away.  I was simply embarrassed for both Hillary and Obama. They both came out swinging and it was ugly. While I was watching I thought about something my husband said when we first got married. He said that we have to watch what we say to each other because once you say it you can apologize, but you can’t take it back.  That’s what went through my mind as I watched the “bloody” scrimmage. They were like two gladiators out for blood. They both landed some low blows, but what I fear is how do they move on from formidable adversaries to supporters of the eventual standard bearer. In 1980 Jimmy Carter and Edward Kennedy had a similar scenerio, and they were never able to move past it. Their bitterness was one of the reasons Reagan became the president. I am afraid last night was about them not us, and that is sad.