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Marcus Lamb, another cheating televangelist

Yesterday Marcus Lamb founder of Daystar, a Christian television network announced he had been unfaithful to his wife and he was being extorted for money. Lamb said he and his wife have healed their marriage and hoped to keep his adultery private. However, he went public after extortionists demanded he pay them $7.5 million. Lamb told the television audience “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re not going to take God’s money and pay to keep from being humiliated.” So he and his wife are healed. Is this enough? Is it appropriate for him to continue ministering. Lamb is not the first nor will he be the last preacher to have an affair, but shouldn’t there be some time to sit down. Should they still be preaching in spite of their admission to infidelity, and are they coming clean because the news would break anyway? it is funny that this story is not getting the kind of attention the Eddie Long story received. Don’t get it twisted the Long story demanded media attention, but this one does too. Lamb says he was being extorted to the tune of 7.5 million dollars, and that seems like it deserves more attention than the ticker on CNN.