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Are Fathers shortchanged on Father’s Day?

fahter's day 2014

Every year I struggle with Father’s Day. What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Generally speaking mothers will tell their spouse and children what they want for Mother’s Day. In some cases a mother will provide them with a list, but far too often fathers are mum when asked the simple question, “what do you want for Father’s Day?” Over the years we have had hits and misses. One year we struck gold with a hammock. He loved it and over the course of the summer he enjoyed his leisure time on it, but one year the kids struck out when they gave him a Three Stooges anthology which has never been opened. We have given him polo shirts in nearly every color known to man. Movie passes, restaurant cards and far too many ties. Why have we given him all of these things? Because he refuses to answer the simple question, “What do you want?” This morning on the Today Show they showed a statistic revealing that people spend close to 20 Billion dollars on Mother’s Day compared to only 12 Billion dollars on Father’s Day. So I encourage dads to speak up and say what you want. I always say I am going to tell you what I want. I might not get it, but you will never be able to say you didn’t know what I wanted. If you don’t ask don’t be disappointed if you get Volume II of the Three Stooges anthology. Stop being stoic, stop being the martyr, and just ask for what you want. You deserve it. So the question is what do you think is a good present for dad on his special day?

Why is Barbara Walters defending Woody Allen?

This morning on The View Barbara Walters and co-host Sherri Sheppard got into a heated exchange regarding whether Woody Allen molested his step daughter. Walters says that she knows Allen and he is a loving father, but Sheppard says we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Allen ended up marrying his adopted daughter. Sheppard contends that Allen has shown that he is attracted to young girls. Allen is currently up for a number of awards and this story is re-surfacing. The question is should these allegations be factored into whether he receives awards for his directing skills? Share your thoughts.

North Dakota Woman not giving obese kids Halloween candy…does she mean well or is she just mean?

Halloween wreath
A North Dakota woman has decided not to give obese children candy instead she will give them a letter telling their parents that the kid is too fat to be out asking for free candy. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Bully in My Backseat

When my son was in middle school I used to pick him and a neighbor’s son up from the bus stop. The boys had been in elementary school and Cub Scouts together. My husband actually helped both boys create their soapbox cars. I thought they were friends, but I noticed that sometimes when I would pick them up they were either standing there not talking to each other or they would be talking to other children. One day one of the mothers at the bus stop told me that the boy I had been picking up was actually bullying other children on the bus. That same night the boy’s mother called me and said that she had been called in for a conference at the school. She could not believe that her son was being accused of being a bully. I couldn’t believe it either because he was so polite to me. As I expressed surprise the next day another mother informed me that the boy was actually bullying my son too. I asked my son and he admitted that the boy had also been tormenting him. I had unknowingly been carrying this bully in my backseat. I asked my son why he didn’t tell me and he was not able to come up with a reason. Needless to say I stopped driving the bully, but I never told his mother why, and I believe to this day she still believes he was falsely accused. This was in the pre-social media era. I share this story because of the recent suicide of Rebecca Sedwick. Sedwick was bullied by classmates and their relentless bullying was allegedly a contributing factor to her suicide. The local sheriff is exploring whether he can also bring charges against the parents of the girls. The parents say they did not know anything about the bullying. My question is should they be charged? How do you know your child is a bully or if they are being bullied? Do you know everything your child is doing on social media? Is it the parent’s responsibility to know? Share your thoughts.

Miley Cyrus is a grown woman not a role model

For 2 days talking heads have been talking about Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance. Unless you have been under a rock you have probably seen it if not go to Youtube. It was shocking, but shock like sex sells and show attracted 10 million viewers and that translates into dollars. It’s about money. Cyrus has a new song to push and all of this free publicity helps her cause. I have heard some say she looked lost, disturbed and someone even suggested she might have an eating disorder. All of this is opinion, but one thing that is a fact is Miley Cyrus is a grown woman who is making her own career decisions. She retired Hannah Montana a long time ago but so many mothers and daughters refuse to accept the retirement. I have seen young girls expressing their sadness regarding their tarnished hero, but a couple of years ago Cyrus did a pole dance at this same award show. Wasn’t that enough to say Hannah doesn’t live here anymore. Cyrus is not crazy. She is an entertainer. We might not like a choices, but we all have the choice of turning away, tuning off the set or turning to another teen star. Hannah Montana is dead. She has gone to sitcom heaven never to return, and we are left with reality and that is adult entertainer Miley Cyrus.

Rolling Stone makes Boston Bomber look like a Rock Star

boston bomber cover boy
Really Rolling Stone you glamorize a murderer? Share your thoughts.


Charish Perriwinkle was killed by “new” family friend, sex offender Donald Smith

Charish Perriwinkle was killed by sex offender Donald smith. he had been out of the hospital for only 3 weeks. He befriended the family of Perriwinkle at Walmart and her mother let him take her to another part of the store to get a snack. That was the last time she was seen alive.
Read the linked story for all the details. http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/157407/8yearold_girl_found_dead_after?email_id=862917278&utm_medium=cmi&utm_source=cafemom&utm_campaign=General&utm_content=daily_newsletter&utm_nooverride=1

MSNBC Cycle co-host Crystal Ball talks to daughter about same sex marriage–is this appropriate?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

What would a fool do for a $315 pair of Nikes?

“There’s dumb, and then there’s dumber. The three teens who decided to break into a Houston, Texas mall to steal Air Jordan sneakers arguably fall under the latter category. According to police, three teens cut a hole — yes, a hole — through the roof of Greenspoint Mall to steal 16 pairs of the over-priced, $175 shoes from Foot Action, reports FoxNews.com.” Read the linked story.


Have you seen missing South Carolina teen Gabby Swainson?

Gabrielle Swainson has been missing since Saturday? Read the linked story for all the details.